How do you make the running something fun and enjoyable, a no resistance activity?

Erika T.
Go running along a beautiful place and lisren to your favourite podcast, concentrate on your breathing and the voices on the podcast and not on actually running
Elsie E.
Set a goal like beat 30 minutes in a 5k. Maybe even sign up for a race a work towards that.
Have a running parter even if you don’t always run with them but just keep track of your runs together.
If your dog likes to run they can be a motivator.
Have competition. (It may be your running partner)
Play music or try the app Zombies, Run.
Run outside
Run in different places or on trails.
Think positive thoughts and it will be a LOT better. Get the mindset of you want to run and not you “have” to.
Breanne X.
I use the level 1 run/walk exercise here on the app. I also watch my favourite tv series that makes me laugh to distract me when it’s time to run again. Now I lose tract of how long I’ve been going for.
Kevin U.
Hi. You could introduce some interesting games in the activity ie running from one tree to another or putting in some sprints or look what's around ie interesting landmarks and ask some questions about it etc etc