How do I tackle laziness and make sure that I exercise over the weekend as well?

Spie Q.
It’s easy. Just change your mindset about that particular day and what’s making you feel lazy. And also remember why you started.
Jennum A.
I tackle laziness by making myself busy with work or better still writing…Writing has become something I look forward to doing each time.
Mansvini N.
Start with a 5 min walk and do it regularly. You will soon start to like it and see the impact it has on your body and mind. Then you can increase the duration and will also start to feel more active mentally and physically throughout the day, and make better choices and be productive too as a result
Isabelle N.
setting alarms on my phone can help me remember to do certain things but when i feel lazy i don’t wanna do anything. a way to tackle it can be a reward! i can tell myself if i get up when my alarm goes off and finish my excersizes then tonight i can have a little treat! or i can play video games a little longer than usual