What exercise burns the most fat but doesn’t feel like you’re exercising?

Teo Z.
Doing something that bring you to exercise without feeling it only like an activity that improve healthiness. For me climbing is more like a passione, not a method to stay fit! And it also require to me lot of concentration, because of that, when I climb my mind is empty and the only problem is.. climbing!
Dale U.
Tricky question…high intensity intervals are good at fat burning, but definitely feel very much like exercise! So if it's the 'feeling like exercise' part that's a problem, might suggest anything that you enjoy doing anyway, intensified a bit (e.g. swimming, sports, walking). Not sure if that helps!
Anya F.
Taking a walk is a great way to burn fat and it doesn't feel like exercising. So maybe try and take a walk once a day for a wee while and see if it makes a difference. Have a great day and good luck!