There’s no question that the routines are worth the time and effort each day, and you feel great after. But sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed when I wake up and know I have 2 hours of routine to get through… especially when waking up extra early before getting to work. How do you motivate yourself to work through the growing list?

Alysha F.
Sounds like you are piling too much on your plate. You shouldn't dread your routine. You should be excited to do it. Change the duration of the tasks. .move things around to match your life. If meditation daily is too much do it once a week. Same with exercise and what not. It's yourroutine make it yours
Ingrid N.
By being kind towards myself and flexible as well. Looking at the long term goal and reminding myself that it is ok to feel overwhelmed. It will pass.
Sometimes by not pushing myself to do a 2 hour routine. Maybe it’s too much at that time of day and replacing some habits to an other time of the day.
Marie J.
If you're spending 2 hours on routines, you should decide what is truly beneficial to you. I personally take an hour in the morning to get ready and integrate the routines into that. I eat when used to skip breakfast, I make sure to drink water with my coffee. Little things that you add in to make your routine easier and more efficient are the key to actually sticking with them as habits.
Marieluise I.
I just think of the first thing
Just drink water. One at a time with a break to sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee for 30 min.
Seif N.
I honestly keep it simple and straightforward. For the morning, I only have 3 habits: drinking water, exercising for 8 minutes, and eating a great breakfast. Keeping the threshold low makes me feel no pressure, and I ALWAYS do more. I exercise at least 30 minutes every day, reaching one hour several days a week.

Also, for waking up. I just make sure I wake up within a timespan of 30 minutes everyday. I have a fitbit that makes it easier, waking me up in a moment where it's best for me.

Carlos C.
I culled the list to only four essentials. That's one of the downsides of this app, I believe, that it takes more and more time to do everything they suggest.
Karen J.
I have a short routine for the morning because i already wake up at 4 a.m. i prep meals and clothes the night before so in the morning i do 20 min or less of yoga, shower, take meds dress and leave for work
Natalia A.
I personally keep my list short as I found it overwhelming too. I have 3 things in the morning and once I do them with my eyes closed, I’ll be adding more. It feels good to accomplish something. Here less is more. Hope this helps fellow fabulous 🙂
Marie C.
Honestly, I consider the growing list to be a would be nice list. That means there are items on the list it can be treated as optional and marked completed if they weren't necessary that day, and that there are items on the list it can be done in several ways. For example, I will consider my drink tea have it completed if I have filled my thermos with tea so I can take it on the go. Some of the items can also be postponed, like for instance calling my parents, which I would typically do while driving to work, but sometimes do when driving from work because I was too busy focussing on traffic. I think it's important to forgive ourselves when we need to adapt our routines. We are not robots.
Nakib N.
I try to convince my inner self by regular and constant pressure but that doesn't mostly work. In the end, all my efforts end in vain. By the way, I use some apps to run and exercise in the morning, so that desire to establish a achievement in the app drives me to complete the morning routine. Interestingly it is getting built into a habit so most of the time I do it habitually.
Aaron Y.
Hi, i have this problem too, but i try to remove it. The night before i write a list of things i should do.and when i wake up i read it and try to push myself☺️
** sorry for my English, i’m not good enough at English**❤️❤️
Claire O.
Your morning routine is way too long?! No wonder you’re overwhelmed. Go back to basics, strip it down or reduce your times. Good luck
Celestine Y.
To keep motivated, I imagine how I would feel after a day, a month or reflecting after one year, without reaching my goal to be productive and have finished my to-do list or stuck to my resolutions. Also, I try to see these new tasks or habits rather as a fun activity, such as playing volleyball and not exercising for the sake of exercising and enjoying new tasty food rather than feeling restricted what to eat. This positive mindset keeps me running as new habits are a matter of perspective. It's a change in lifestyle and shouldn't be seen as a time limited diet.
Erin Z.
I have a physical scoreboard that’s visible in my bedroom. Each day I put an X if I completed the routine. The motivation comes from the thought of an empty space on the calendar.
Helen G.
I think of my end goal and what I want to achieve or ultimately work towards when doing my routine. The morning routine (especially when you have to get up extra early before work) shouldn't be a chore to do that you resent getting out of bed for. If a 2 hour routine is too much right now cut it back to an hour or an hour and a half and work on that until it's become habit, then gradually introduce additional routines to work up to the full 2 hours.
Matthew Z.
Personally, a few weeks after I finish a journey/challenge I go over my routines and remove habits thay I don't believe will have a long term impact.
For example "I feel great today!" might work for others, but I don't see it helping me.
I also split related habits into their own routines. My morning routine included productivity stuff, but I split that into its own Deep Work routine that I start when I sit down at my work desk.
That way I can keep my morning routine dedicated to waking up and feeling ready for the day, and I'm not associating work with my morning routine.
Penny J.
Try to squeeze in a pleasant activity at the beginning of your routine, like a book, podcast, videogame, etc. I know it sounds counter-productive but it works, just don't let it extend more than it needs to.
Clara C.
Great question! The night before your routine, make sure that you get done the things you need to get done. Like, making sure the things you need are clean and easily accessible. Also make sure that you go to bed early enough, so you feel energized. I would also suggest that you have a reason that you want to wake up and do your routine. Make sure that you do something in the morning that will get you motivated, like music or art, etc. hope this helped a little.