I Have vain problem do you have any advice

Sandra O.
Hi there!
I’m unsure if you mean vain problem (related to vanity) or vein problem (related to venous insuficiency).
If it is the 1st, I would try to practice empathy, as in doing the exercise of putting yourself in other peoples’ situation.
If it is the 2nd, I would try exercising more often (not excessively though). And also doing a more plant based diet.
I hope my advice helped.
Good luck!

Rapha L Y.
If you mean vein problems, like spider veins showing on your legs & elsewhere, other than limiting crossing your legs, no, I don't have any advice. I need help with it also.

Nicklas W.
Be vain. I think we are taught (especially women) not to be vain, but that only causes us to not give ourselves credit when credit is due, belittle ourselves, ruin our self esteem, and feel terrible about our character when we should feel proud of something we accomplished. Don’t let toxic norms detract from your self worth.