How do you maintain habits consistently when you are outside or with family or friends, especially on weekend that life routine is different from weekdays?

Andreas Z.
Dudeeee I have the same problem. I just try to wake up earlier than them and go to sleep when they are all asleep. I don't know if that helps 🙁 I wish you the best on your journey tho <3
Sukanya F.
I know it is really difficult to maintain consistency when on weekends we are with family or other important people but in such times we should understand that our habits can make us a better person for those people too and our number one priority should be ourselves. I am able to understand the importance of taking out time even if it is just one hour for myself so i can serve and give my best to others , when such time comes you should try to be a little flexible with your routine and try to decide the free slot from those 24 hrs like early in the morning when nobody wakes up to complete your routine peacefully.. you will surely be able to do it and nothing can stop you if your willing to do it . Try the 8+3+13 rule in which 8 hrs is for sleep 13 hrs for your daily goals and those extra 3 hours for only yourself which can change your whole life if you use them wisely ❤️❤️
Mauro Z.
Sometimes habits adjust a little. In my experience, I have to create a different schedule for the weekend than for the week. It starts with sleeping in a little later than I would during the week. Many people would not recommend that, but I do it anyways and just make sure that every Saturday and Sunday I wake up at the right time. My exercise adjusts to allow for more time, my meals accordingly, and any habits that are chained to another simply have to change a little. Some habits are worth keeping no matter what: for example, a morning and evening routine. I can do my morning routine right after I wake up, no matter what time that is. Long story short, some stuff might look the exact same, some might just shift around a little, and some stuff looks completely different. But that’s completely ok, as long as it works for you and you can stay on track during the week!
Alex E.
Im not sure maybe you could bring the stuff for that habit for example if it’s drinking water bring a water bottle or if it’s taking time to relax ur body I would say go to a bathroom or somewhere quiet and do it there