Do you exercise before or after you eat your breakfast?

Silvio J.
I eat after I workout. I know this isn’t preferable, but The longer I wait to workout, the less likely I am to do it. If I am doing any high intensity workout, I get sick to my stomach if I workout within two hours of eating.
Marilaine P.
I have a healthy breakfast and about an hour later exercise. I need the fuel after sleeping all night and for my workout.
Misty F.
I exercise, then I eat breakfast. I am a member of the 5:00am club and I can’t eat that early. I have never felt like I was weak or needed to eat at that time.
Jimmy Z.
I personally exercise in the afternoon because I'm usually running late in the morning, but in the weekends and if I decide to workout right after I wakeup I think it's nice to have a banana or any other fruit or just a yogurt, homemade juice is also an option to have before working out to prevent you from fainting or losing energy but after the workout is done have a complete nutritious breakfast with protein and calcium . 🙂
Hector Y.
I exercise after I eat breakfast because I often watch TV while eating and if I get too caught up I won't go for my exercise
Principiano Q.
I typically wake up at 0445, grab a light snack like a mandarin orange or granola bar (don't eat milk products) before I workout. Once I am done, I will eat either oatmeal or boiled eggs and sausage for breakfast. If I'm in a hurry and can't cook, I'll eat cereal with oat milk instead.
Lola P.
Before. I like to replenish all of the recently burned calories. Eating before can sometimes make me feel a little sick too.
Ana T.
I like to exercise before breakfast. Burns more calories and revs up your metabolism. I never exercise on a full stomach. Occasionally I have a cup of coffee before stepping on the treadmill for a boost of energy and drink lots of water afterwards to compensate.
Elizabeth U.
I exercise first thing in the morning which includes a half hour long brisk walk with my dog. We both have breakfast when we come home after exercise.
Jesse C.
I exercise before I eat breakfast. It’s part of my reward system. I reward myself with breakfast after doing a good job with my exercises.
Sebastian C.
I have a pill 💊 that I have to take 30 minutes before food 🥘 so I exercise ( usually take a walk) during that time because it is a built in window of opportunity. It also gets my metabolism going before I start eating 🍽, which is good for the scale.
Malone A.
If I do it in the morning, then I prefer to exercise first, unless it’s going to be a long endurance workout. There is some evidence for benefits of fasted exercise. Regardless of breakfast, hydrate!!!
Angie U.
Before and after. I wake up at 5am and eat some fruits, yogurt and water, Then exercises and get back home and eat a really breakfast
Suzy P.
If I exercise in the morning, I prefer to do it before breakfast. That being said, working out in the evening before dinner works better for me, because I still have energy from lunch, but am not too full that I feel sick training. Hope this helps!
Marcus P.
I exercise before I eat my breakfast. I do this because sometimes a full stomach while exercising can make me feel sick. I also feel like eating after exercising helps to refuel my body from the workout.
Ricardo O.
I exercise after I eat breakfast because when I do it before, I feel it makes no sense. When doing it before, you’re losing calories just to eat afterwards, gaining the calories back. Exercising after breakfast let’s you burn out calories from breakfast AND before.
Yanis E.
When I first began I always exercised before eating. Now that my body has gotten into my sticky routine I can eat before or after. I say do what feels comfortable to you and your body. Maybe a spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of water will help get you going. You have to try things to make it work for you in the best way possible. We are all different and some things work better for different people.
Apolo Q.
I believe it is better to exercise before breakfast. That is because you put your internal organs into movement, you wake them up in some way and you get nutrients for your body if you eat after exercise.
Marlene J.
I exercise after breakfast because I need some energy to spend in the exercises. Eat light before exercise and eat something after you finish
Rachel Q.
If I exercise in the morning then definitely before breakfast. Exercising after I’ve eaten is uncomfortable and bad for digestion.
Victor N.
I like to exercise before I eat breakfast. I feel like if it’s the first thing I do it minimizes the chances of me getting lazy and deciding not to do it. I also don’t like exercising right after I eat so this works out better for me.
Brittany O.
Mostly before breakfast. I don't like to exercise with a full stomach. Breakfast is for me also like the grand finale of my morning routine, so when I didn't exercise before, it becomes unlikely I will make time for it later in the day. There are of course exceptions and it is how I like my mornings. My girlfriend for example prefers exercising at noon, hours after her breakfast. That would throw me right out of my work flow but works fine and as a welcome break for her.
Kay C.
This is my order: wake, exercise/water, and eat/celebrate. It's efficient and you don't have to worry about throwing up if you're doing something strenuous
Ibrahim U.
I do it before when I do yoga or a 15 min max HIIT workout. When I plan a longer cardio/strength workout, it works better for me if I eat first and take a one hour break before starting.