How do you think exercise affects your sleep?

Rom O O.
I think exercise helps with sleep. Morning exercise gives me energy and gentle evening exercise prepares me for bed and a better sleep
Leslie O.
I don’t think it really has affected my sleep. I think I feel more pain in my legs then I do tiredness. I didn’t get much sleep last night as I was awake for 2/3 hours straight.
Lorenzo A.
exersise is a way to feel more energised, release happy hormones, or endorphins, i think, and to remain physically healthy. when you work out, the endorphins can make you happy, and since youve put a lot of energy into the work out, you could feel tired and want to sleep. the endorphins make you happy when you sleep, and can therefore benefit how you sleep. thats my opinion, anyway. :))
S N.
I think it effects your whole body in general ,that’s why it’s make it better to sleep an relax it help with mental health in my opinion so most likely after som time you would change that habit or staring into ceiling and thinking for a long time before sleeping it also make you wake up more motivated for doing something like excise
Indro C.
By getting active and getting the blood flowing, and hitting that high intensity, you allow your body to rest, and by doing so you reach a much deeper rest to recover the lost energy
Akriti F.
It helps me fall asleep faster at night and also keeps me energetic throughout the day.
I wake up feeling fresg since I started working out in the morning.
Francis O.
It boosts my morning energy, so I have good energy level throughout the day and can feel tired at night, this giving me a good night's sleep. When I don't workout I'm sluggish all throughout the day until about 5 and then I'm still awake at bedtime and sleep terribly.