What do you do to ensure you are consistent with your Exercise habit?

Gina J.
I envision the feeling I get after the exercise i.e. that strong and wonderful feeling that I was able to conquer my laziness. I’m more powerful than the laziness.
Polina T.
I plant post it's the night before. I think this helps commit the tasks to memory. I don't have to look at the note in the morning. My brain has already registered and prepared itself.
Mohamed Q.
I tell my self Iam going to exercise in the morning. Thinking positive thanks to you Amber with the 4 letters it is all about the mind. Thinking with positive thoughts.
Giulia E.
I make sure to exercise before I start getting ready for the day after I’ve had breakfast. I keep the notification on my screen until I actually exercise so I don’t forget.
Norah G.
The more I do it at the same time, same place every day, the more it becomes a habit. After a whike, its just something you do automatically. Also, finding exercises that you enjoy doing will make you want to do it, even look forward to doing it. The high you get when you're done is great!
Rosalyn U.
I train with a group every day. I am a competitive person, and one of the ladies is on the same level as me, so if I don't pitch up I fall behind.
Camila B.
Well. As a SEASONED week 3 fabulouser I'm sure I have a few tips and tricks up my beautiful sleeves. I do some squats when I get up (after that glass of water and midway through my cup of coffee) while listening to music or the news. (The news is surprisingly motivating. Get your body ready for the apocalypse!!)

I also like the 4 minute ab workout on the fabulous app! My goal with that is to be able to hold the plank a little longer each week or so. So while the app has you do it for 30 seconds, its the last thing in the workout, so you could just keep going until you can't anymore!

If I find I've forgotten to work out and I'm already about to shower, I'll do some push ups off the side of the tub before I get in. Done!

OH you know what else I did recently? If you do go to the gym, get on one of those bikes and pull out your phone or whatever you watch shows on, then put on that guilty-pleasure eye-candy trashy show you won't admit you love. The time will fly by.

Hope this helps! YOU'RE GREAT. GO FORTH. BE HAPPY.