How do you feel after you exercise?

Christian U.
At the beginning it was difficult to me, and it’s still difficult now. After exercising I fell a bit of energy and I have and impulse to do more things. I think the real difficult par for me is to star the exercise routine.
Serenity U.
Each time I complete my excercises I feel closer to my goal of having a healthier body and less pain. It's also helping to continue my running by adding a quick core workout making something I love more sustainable.
Dominika X.
It really depends on the type of exercise I do. If it's something I dont particularly enjoy I find that I feel worse after exercising than I did before. If I exercise at the very beginning of the day right after waking up I tend to feel more refreshed though so it's a bit of a contradiction oof
Kyla P.
So good! I really don’t like doing workouts but after I’ve completed it I feel amazing! Remember, no one has ever regretted a workout.
Wallace P.
Well, I can tel you that I immediately feel out of breath and covered in sweat. However, after I give my time body to relax after, I feel like I have more energy than what I had before. I can really feel my blood flowing. It a wonderful feeling of bruising and energy.
Cynthia W.
I usually feel very accomplished and out of breath. I struggle with wanting to workout before bed or when I wake up. There are a lot of steps I need to take in order to get up and out of my bed and into a routine like exercising. The managing of how to do the small things is greatly impacted depending on what is going on in my life.
Tristan W.
I feel energised and a sense of accomplishment. Especially after a few days I can already feel and see a slight difference. Which is a reward. Probably the most satisfying habit in the daily routine. As you get the prep, challenge, struggle and accomplishment in a short period. The biggest thing is focusing on those I guess rather than the physical results. As those take longer
J Ssica R.
It's hard to start, but when then I think: it will take 8 min only, and I end up doing more!
My body feels great, and I feel delighted every time I finish it.