How do you get motivated to start your workout?

Karla A.
I try to wear or have my work out gear by bed and as soon as I put the kettle on I turn the radio on and after a few songs you will know one and can't help sing and before you know it your dancing which
Ron P.
I don't work out for longer than ten minutes yet, so I focus on the fact that this is a small effort with many benefits. After the workout £ often feel like I can do more, so I just go on. If you set small goals, starting will be easier.
Maur Cia P.
I know that a workout moment is the only moment I can do it. If I postpone it, I will miss it that day. So as long as I started feeling better, I don't want to miss it and just turn a workout video on and follow instructions. The hardest moment is to start and than a session becomes pleasant
Francisco G.
I have many things that keep me on track like walking with my partner, i have a visual body image of how i would like to look with in the next 6 months and I keep my work out clothes close to jus get out. Finally I do exercises that i enjoy doing,
Brittany J.
I have a partner to keep me motivated, and a deadline to achieve my goal. The trick is to not have a goal so far in the future that you feel you can put it off. Micro goals all add to make up the ultimate goal.

Darlene Z.
For me, I always enjoyed working out. But there was a time, I felt unmotivated. What helped me get back into it, was when I saw a picture of what in looked like, and how I felt. I found my why, and it was, and still is to get stronger. I set small goals each work out, trying to do better than my last. I follow a program I enjoy and that helps me stick to it too. Once I kept up the routine, it became a lifestyle, and if I missed more than 2 or 3 days (because you need to still have rest days), I craved it.