How do you motivate yourself to stop what you’re doing to exercise on the days where you just don’t want to?

Lucy Q.
I get up tell myself, KATRICE you need to get up and excersie. I know right now it feels like you can't but you can! You have the power and strength to don't stop now. Work hard and reach for the stars
Evan E.
Short answer: I don’t.
Long answer: I struggled with getting my exercise in every day for several weeks. Finally, I decided to make it as easy as possible. I always plan on exercising in the morning and all I do is 10 push-ups, 10 crunches, and 10 squats. Once I am consistent with this, I plan on adding more complexity to my routine. Good luck and don’t give up!!!
Sara A.
Well right now I am doing a physically intense form of yoga, first thing in the morning. So the main issue is motivating myself to get up, and there are often voices in my head trying to persuade me that staying in bed is a MUCH better idea. One thing that helps is being booked into a class, or having made an arrangement with a friend to meet. Because then there is the upholding of one’s word to another person to consider. Letting down a teacher or a friend is a shame, so I remind myself of this when i’m about to silence my alarm clock. Getting clothes ready the night before really helps too – so that I don’t have to do anything complicated, just drinking a glass of water, cleaning my teeth and putting them on.
Liva Z.
I ask myself if I am wasting my time for something less important. If yes, so I will stop and do what I planned to do it.
Ga L G.
I ask myself, how what I'm doing right now helps me? If right now I'm watching TV, it doesn't help me. Exercises are important, but not urgent activity. That is why it is hard to do it every day. Because you can postpone it. But in long term perspective , what give me the best benefits? Exercises or watching TV or doing dishes?
Holly N.
That's really hard. So that's why I wake up with enough time to do it as soon as I wake up. Otherwise for me personally , is really hard to stop what I'm doing to make time for this. Also I don't eat breakfast until after I exercise. So if I want to eat , I better get moving 🙂
Cassandra F.
I keep a few short, gentle yoga practices in my arsenal for days when my motivation is waning. These practices help me to get moving,and soothe my insides as well!
Johanne U.
I have a lot of these days tbh. I just show up. I remind myself how I feel when I don’t go to the gym, and how I hate that feeling. I feel sad, lazy, stressed, and bad about myself. I just keep showing up! Sometimes I use a reward system. For example, I love my Netflix shows, so I tell myself if I don’t go to the gym then I’m not allowed to sit around and watch Netflix. And that usually gets me up and to the gym. Sometimes I take a preworkout, and I tell myself, “well, I took my preworkout, now I have to go!”
I have days I don’t want to go more than days I do. But I know for a fact that getting a nice workout in always makes me feel better so I keep that in mind at all times.