What excercises/sports do you do for healthy life?

Jo W.
I want to do HIIT workouts more consistently but otherwise I mix in exercises ranging in from pushups to pull-ups to squat and bicep curl.
Heino X.
I try to get a lot of time in on general cardio exercises, so either running, cycling, or hiking. For my body personally the time spent makes a bigger impact than the intensity … so a half day hike or an hour long cycle goes further than 25 minutes of speed training. Aside from that I try to get in 2-3 yoga classes a week to stay
Norma F.
For me, when I wake up, I start the exercise routine I found on Pinterest after accepting the challenge. Another thing that I live is ice skating. It is sealed in stone that I go every Tuesday, but most weeks I will go on the weekends or practice stretches at home!
Caroline Y.
Lots of walking. Gardening and volunteer conservation work for cardio. Sit ups, plank and squats for toning and core strength 💪
Irene Z.
Bodybuilding and strength training with the objective of conditioning the body and maintaining a "child-like" energy and agility.
Sarah X.
Hi, I do jogging, indoor cycling, light weight lifting, and walking. And Inhave checked all of these with my GP to make sure they won’t be bad for my health. HTH.
Victor X.
I have a workout plan I bought. It's an 8 week program of exercises you can do at home and balance your whole body. I was having a hard time being consistent but I'm using this app to keep me on track.