Is there any exercise you can do while watching movies or series that would not affect the knees?

Warren E.
My first instinct was to say squats or lunges, but that would affect the knees I imagine. What about doing some abs exercises, sit-ups, crunches, plank? Or calf raises.

Tina F.
I do jumping jacks, squats and lunges. Walking in place should not affect the knees. I also do ab Crunches, and light hand weights, to exercise the triceps, and biceps. I hope to get a treadmill.

Nicholas Q.
If you buy some little 1 or 2 kg weights you can do all your upper body work while sitting, if you can move around while your show is on you can do any circuits you want Pilates style from your living room floor. Only glutes would be a struggle if you can’t use your knees at all, but by just tightening your muscles and relaxing them repeatedly while watching tv works too!

Yann O.
It depends on why your trying not to affect the knees. With many knee disorders using a stationary bike can be very helpful for the knees. Consult your your care provider for your specific knee condition. There are also arm trainers that work just like a bicycle for the arms and would let you get cardio in that way. Additionally any exercise that you can do seated would work. More specifically many upper body strengthening exercises can be performed with an exercise band. For an additional challenge you can do those exercises while sitting on an inflatable exercise ball.

Mikkel U.
Best exercise can be core exercises. Planks, sit ups, leg raises won't hurt knees but give your core a boost of strength

Tess W.
Yes there are a lot of exercises that will strengthen your core and arms that you can do seated. For example stretch your legs out in front of you and try to touch your left foot with your right hand, sit up straight again, then try to touch your right foot with your left hand and sit up straight again. Repeat this a couple of times.
Also while seated: sit up straight and lift your legs (keep your knees bent) alternately.

Gracielen Z.
How about addressing the fact that you have a knee weakness and getting on top of that first. Tv and series are interesting but they are not life. They are a distraction from life and that is why we love em so much. I bet that finding a sport or activity that captures your attention will be great for your knees and doing something you control the outcome of can be more rewarding than gravitating around made up stories that are not reality and will not amount to anything for you at the end

Nelson U.
Bicicles, or a similar core excercize. Bouncing your legs isn't much, but playing air double bass drum (pulling toes to the air) works your chins, and helps avoid chin splints while running. I know a lot of people who dance to theme songs or do a plank , Superman's or a v up while it plays. Bottom line though, the two don't really mix well. Movies and series are kinda intended to turn your brain off and let you veg.

Quirilo N.
🤣🤣🤣 Why would you want to watch a movie while doing exercise? Put your favorite music on instead, be in a clear area for you to be able to move. Me it takes only 10 minutes per day. 10 mins without watching tv…. Yoi can do it 🥊

Quentin E.
Grab some low weights (2-5 lbs) and do arm exercises. If your strength is not at a point where you can comfortably use weights, just arm weight can work.

Karla X.
I keep a set of 5 lb dumbbells in my living room and do short sets of upper body exercises, curls, raises, chest flys, triceps kick backs. All can be done while sitting

N Lio Z.
y̫e̫s̫!!!! i̫ u̫s̫u̫a̫l̫l̫y̫ g̫e̫t̫ s̫o̫m̫e̫ s̫t̫r̫e̫t̫c̫h̫e̫s̫ i̫n̫ m̫y̫ u̫p̫p̫e̫r̫ b̫o̫d̫y̫ d̫o̫n̫e̫!!! y̫o̫u̫ c̫a̫n̫ a̫l̫s̫o̫ p̫r̫a̫c̫t̫i̫c̫e̫ b̫r̫e̫a̫t̫h̫i̫n̫g̫ t̫e̫c̫h̫n̫i̫q̫u̫e̫s̫ t̫h̫a̫t̫'l̫l̫ h̫e̫l̫p̫ y̫o̫u̫ t̫o̫ r̫e̫l̫a̫x̫ a̫s̫ y̫o̫u̫ e̫n̫j̫o̫y̫ y̫o̫u̫r̫ m̫o̫v̫i̫e̫s̫

Kent P.
Certainly. If you can put a pull-up bar into a doorframe, you can work out a circuit in which you do, say, jumping jacks, pull-ups, pushups, rest, repeat. If your knees are ok with squats, those are terrific. Body weight squats should not tax your joints too badly, as long as you make sure to keep your spine straight.

Alternately, get yourself a nice resistance band. They cost $20 or less, and you can look up lots of workout routines they are perfect for facing a television. Good luck!