I am almost 60 and would love to play basketball. Any experience or ideas? Or is it plainly unrealistic?

Carmen P.
Nothing is impossible or unrealistic but it will take some time to build up your mind and muscles to get through this journey. You must surround yourself with positive thoughts as well as a good regimen of practicing with someone who is willing to teach you just even the basics to being a successful player. I would love to hear about your journey in this desire you have to play basketball. Be kind to yourself and go at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you overdo it you will wind up hurting or regretting the decision to do so! I wish you luck and you got this. Even though I don't know you I believe you have the ability. To your success!
Jacob Z.
Do whatever will bring you joy! In a year from now you will have a big improvement so start now. If you have this idea it means your soul wants it, the universe will always support you on your souls desire, just make the first step!
Fed Y.
At the beginning just start playing some games with basketball ball and basket. For instance 33 points. Just Google it. And then step by step improve your ability to play full game.
Enrique U.
Well if your physical strength is present? Sure, any game can be played by a person till they are physical healthy and if you are tall? Even better!!