How much time before you start your morning exercise do you have something to eat?

Alexander U.
I usually do my morning exercise before I eat. In the morning I focus more on stretching and warming up my body, so I'm not doing anything particularly vigorous.
Judith P.
I usually exercise, cool down with some stretches to relax and slow my breathing, wait about five minutes, and then go make breakfast.
Dianne P.
I believe that a protein rich food around an hour before exercise is recommended. Some prefer to exercise on an empty stomach too. Regular hydration is very important too!
Steven C.
I don’t eat breakfast before exercise in the morning. Unless its evening exercise and I usually give myself 2 hours to digest my food before exercise.
Thea Z.
If it's a small snack like a piece of fruit, 20-30 minutes is adequate time to wait before exercising. If you're eating a full meal, wait at least an hour before working out.
Ma L Y.
This depends on the day. Some days I'm not exercising until later in the day due to kid and work schedule. I cannot exercise after eating, so sometimes I do it before I eat or 30-60 minutes later. Sometimes it's hours later, but I'm committing to doing it everyday.
Annie E.
My morning exercise happens before I eat breakfast. I prioritize my morning routine so that there is less of a chance of interruption and there is no feeling of being full that will prevent me from getting a good workout/run in.