How do you keep your motivation up when your weight loss is slow?

Glory D.
Imagine how big and great is your future if this is making this long, three months from now, you're gonna thank yourself ❤
Barry U.
Je me dis que je ne perd rien à conti'uer de persévérer puisque ça ne mènera JAMAIS à ce que je crains le plus : bêtement reprendre du poids.
Ensuite, j'essaie de créer des changements durables, et je m'assure de ne pas créer de stress inutile en me mettant la pression.
Damien Q.
I imagine that weight loss is also a part of my body and it has to work as I give instructions as I'm the master of my body atleast. So it is slow that means my input is not sufficient. In this way I keep myself motivated when my weight loss is slow.
Golnaz R.
I know that at last I can reach my goal, when I start a challenge I just try to do that the best way I can, and I don't think about results, becuose I know results will come if I try to do my best. This is what I existantly achieved till now.