How do you manage to get up early?

Lucy F.
You just do it! Cause you know the end result with be the happiest version of yourself and you’ll regret if u didn’t do it. U just gotta keep pushing and looking forward.
Olivia O.
By getting enough sleep and getting good sleep. Also knowing that the earlier I get up the more time I have to start my day
Gana U.
I don’t always get up early but when I have to I set an alarm and when I hear it ring I just get out of bed drink my water and stretch then continue with what I have to do for that day.
Marie N.
Eu me levanto mais disposta e feliz para começar o dia pois sei que estou evoluindo e melhorando a cada dia e que isso me fará a pessoa que quero me tornar, melhor meu humor, concentração, saúde e auto estima, além de ficar com corpo e mente saudáveis!
Virginia N.
I go to bed at a decent time without electronics. I do my in bed yoga, turn on my sound machine, and get my 7-8 hrs. Then when the alarm goes off it is not too bad to get up.