What’s your favourite small-step-practically-not-exercise-at-all thing to do?

Elizabeth B.
I love taking my dog out in the morning. I think it's just that much easier to get moving when I'm doing it for him. He depends on me, and walking around the yard together and taking in that fresh air – it feels really good. Besides, getting me up and out the door first thing each day makes it less tempting to crawl back in bed after I wake up.
Bertram N.
Hmm, when I wanna do a little bit more harder workout I go on youtube and do the ”alexis ren ” workouts since they’re only 10 minutes, and if I wanna do something reaaaaaally simple I just dance to my favorite song
Julia Y.
Make laps around my apartment! I make sure I walk briskly through every room, opening window blinds as I walk, and sometimes I happen to find a thing or two to put away while I'm at it! I walk for 1-2 minutes, or until my fitness watch has indicated I've moved enough.
Pramera I.
Just simple stretching! It's gets all the cobwebs out of my body from sleeping and the more often I do it, the less pain I feel throughout the rest of the day. After about a week, I can see progress in how much I can stretch, which gives me a boost of self esteem and motivates me to keep stretching everyday!
Sofia F.
Cold showering (at the end of the shower): seems horrible but it is actually quite nice ! Short 7 mins exercise: it makes me feel super energised and takes so little time! Drink water: never been a issue for me
Christie U.
I love to watch all different kinds of exercise videos and get as much knowledge on it as i can to hopefully make my own routines that work for myself. Also so i know that its being all done correctly.
Ella W.
Push ups are pretty easy to start with and I like to go for a short biking (or run if I am really energetic)
It is always easier for me to exercise with a video.