Which exercise in this app do you prefer the most when you start your day? And which length of time works best for you?

Alberte U.
Yoga and/or cycling works for me I like to do at least 15 minutes and up to 40 minutes. Yoga is refreshing but o think it’s always nice to get some sun right at the start of the day to help perk me up.
Christina Q.
I prefer drink water and exercise for 5 minutes and read almost to 10 minutes, I think the best length of time is 15 minutes and I love the details and tell me the worst thing can happen to me if I don't make this hapit
Den A.
The thing in the morning right after I woke up I drank water, put on my gym clothes and go out jogging for 30 mins everyday, and the best time to jog is between 7am-8am works for me