It’s very hard for me to keep my workouts consistent along the week. How do I build the motivation to go to the gym atleast 4 days a week?

Noomi A.
I didn't like working out until I started small. Just a couple of [your favourite move] to get that burn going, and then working from there. The gym is a big commitment, so I'd aim for going maybe once a week, and going three days of at home workout. Workout apps are great to keep motivation ip! Google fitness is a good free alternative. You should always start small, but with a concrete goal! It is so much easier to build onto a routine than starting a new 😀
Ice S.
Building yourself a reward system is really helpful. And planned rewards that are easy to go through with. Also doing workouts that are fun and you don’t dread makes going more exciting. You can imagine little adventures in your mind on your way to gym. Like you’re on your way to defeat a dragon and when you completed the day yay you did it successfully slayed the dragon well done.
Pirvu E.
Think of it if you did not work out and then if you worked out, what difference would that make în the long term? An aesthetic body? Better health? Better energy levels? Think of it in the long term