What kind of exercise do you like doing?

Metin X.
The 7 min workout is better for me at this stage because I am not used to working out. Another good one is cleaning my house 😉
Joe L.
As of now, I've been either going out for a jog, doing the 7 minute workout, or the ab workout. It's been amazing at waking me up for the day.
Rainer T.
I love walking as exercise because all I need is myself and a place to go, or not even a place to go I can just wander around. There’s a lot of beautiful parks and nature around my area so im lucky that way. The other thing I like to do is gentle yoga, I can’t do a lot of intense stuff yet because I’m a total beginner but there’s plenty of free stuff online or even through here that you can get into. There’s also a lot of good apps for it too.
Isabella U.
I like to dance, I have been a dancer since I was 13. So to keep in shape I do ab workouts in the afternoon and dance in the morning to help wake myself up.
Adrien Y.
I just try to stay active, I walk instead of taking the bus and things like that. I also like stretching! And it's quite important as well actually 🙂
Johanne W.
I like jogging. When jogging I feel relaxing, my mind is free. I also enjoy the weather, tree & flower in place i go jogging
Priscilla P.
thigh slimming and flat belly exercises because i can’t rlly lose a lot of weight now so i’ll focus on toning my body at parts that are quite fat
Nicholas Z.
I mix it up by running on the beach at sunrise. Doing cardio by playing dance games on the Xbox. Or doing some ab workout videos.
Eli N.
I do a mixture of yoga and traditional body-weight bearing exercises (pushups, chin-ups, side leg raises, single leg bridges, etc.). I have three different routines that I rotate between (upper body, lower body, and side/abs) and each takes no more than 15 minutes. I like it because each part of my body gets to rest when working on the other parts and thus is fully recovered in time for when I next do the workout. As a result, even though I don’t do the same thing again the next day, I do usually see some improvement each time, which is rewarding. Each time I try to do one more rep or do it slightly faster or something like that so that each time there’s usually some improvement. Even if there isn’t, it is okay. The key thing I am for is to not have the opposite of improvement, but usually there is some. This doesn’t give me any sort of dramatic gains, but it does let me see little gains over time, and those little gains do add up, which is rewarding. Hope this helps you!
Rasmus Z.
Swimming but I don’t do it a lot because we don’t have a swimming pool in our house and we don’t always go to the hotel to swim ,we sometimes do and I love it
Maja W.
Pilates is my go to. It is a great form of exercise and I also find it easier to keep up with due to the commitment of having to sign up for the class. Swimming was also a great option that I want to go back to doing – but haven't yet. Then I think any form of exercise on your own may be harder at times to keep in your routine (at least if you're similar to me and commitment to someone else matters to you) but my favourite are the Nike App exercises. Really recommend those
Margitta X.
I like dancing by myself, most of all on latin american or jazz music. I also love stretching in the morning and walking around.
Joel J.
I like dance classes, strength training in the gym, and yoga. These fulfill the health of my mind body and spirit. I also walk daily which is good for baseline health and mobility.
Thomas O.
I really love sports, especially tennis, so that's my favourite kind of physical activity. When it comes to regular exercizing, I don't have a clear favourite.
Nerci S.
I love to do simple, basic excercise: push-up, squats and warm-up for whole body. I'm going to add sit-ups and my dream is to add morning jogging as well
Derrick G.
I like rock climbing, yoga, Wakeboarding…. outdoorsy stuff. I like to do it with other people. I lose motivation when it’s just me sometimes.
Arnold Q.
I love to dance, when I have the energy. Walking is my most achievable level of exercise currently, as well as mild hiking. I like cardio, I just get burned out easier. So until then, I’ll keep hiking and dancing!
Warren Z.
I like to do…

• Yoga…
• Body-Bakance (a mix of Tai-chi, yoga & Pilates)….
• Supple Strength (a mix of ballet, yoga & Pilates)…
• Boxfit (a mix of partner padwork, with some legwork in some classes and conditioning)


• Strength training using weights, barbells etc and resistance training
• Cardio.. using synchro (looks like your skiing..)


Military Bootcamp; run by current & ex-service military..

Oscar T.
I enjoy walking outside either early in the morning or early afternoon at lunch time at work. I also enjoy hot yoga or even regular yoga. And for my arthritis I like water exercises.
Matthew O.
1. Yoga for further understanding of my body
2. Walking with my family or friend to enjoy the good atmosphere and connect with others, maybe a stranger I meet on the street
D Bora G.
Yoga & pilates. Things that involve dynamic use of my body, flexibility and burn. I enjoy the calm & flow, and seeing my body do dynamic things.
I also enjoy being able to lift heavy things once in a while (especially squats!), and to happily work up a sweat through dancing.
Timmothy W.
I'm just very beginner. I'm doing a minute is pushups, jumping jacks and running in place. It's part of fabulous exercises.
M Lissa Q.
I like yoga, but I’ve been trying to incorporate running into my routine. I also like hiking, but don’t get to do that very often.