On days when you`re injured or in pain, how do you suplement your usual workout?

Yvonne J.
Usually it’s hard to supplement your usual workout. Be gentle on the places it hurts, and if you hurt everywhere or doing much of anything hurts, today isn’t your day to exercise. If only, for example, your foot hurts, do an exercise sitting down, or do some stretches to help ease the pain.
Talo C.
It really depends on what the injury is. Unless it's a part of the body that gets engaged no matter what, e.g., back or core, I try to do exercise routines that avoid the injury. Hand/arm injury means it's going to be leg and core day. Leg/Foot injury means my chest and arms are going to be sorry.

Pain or soreness is part of the game and a great will power test. Soreness and pain gives you the opportunity to show yourself that your goal is more powerful than small obstacles that may come your way.

Again, if the injury compromises your ability to do basic body movements then you have to understand, be kind to yourself, and have the patience to let yourself heal without letting it diminish your desire to accomplish your fitness goal. I once had a tailbone injury that sidelined me from basic mobility. I couldn't even carry my new born. I took a few days off and focused on healing. Once better, I got right back to it.

Oscar R.
If the pain is localized, I exercise the area that isn't affected (for instance I sprained my ankle and did upper body work for that period), and generally having a large repetoire of exercises can be helpful. If the pain is all over, you should repect your body and try doing something light and low impact, like yoga or stretches. Anything for a small amount of time is better than nothing.
Juan O.
Well I am not very experienced in this but in my head this makes sense: I have a pretty bad cold now for examole and I knew the whole day I would not be able to excersise. So today I moved more whenever I felt not glued to sofa. I was out with the kids in the garden and a short walk and was on purpose picking up one thing at the time either on the first floor or in the basement. So I spent quite some time getting up and done the stairs. It is onviously nit the same as 7min HIIT but at least it is something 😁
Beto E.
It's individual. Use your rest days and find something gentle to keep active, maybe a walk outside, or some exercises that don't involve pain! Or just adjust your intake, look after your posture, and use the time to connect with the special people in your life?
Harvey Y.
You can use the day to take a rest, meditate, take a walk, have a bath, get a massage. These will help better than pushing yourself when your body needs a time out.
Becky F.
If it's a physical injury just light stretching, it mainly depends on where the injury is. If it's an internal pain, like a headache, I like to do yoga or simple mat exercises
Miriam O.
I usually take longer walks, go on a extra walk, do some extra cardio, or try to move around more during my reregular activities by taking long way and getting up and moving more
Daryl Y.
Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. Also, it is ok to take it easy for a day, as long as we are still moving. I think it is important to keep moving, as it builds discipline. Discipline will get us through when our motivation well has run dry – or even if we don't feel much like moving because our muscles are soar or our knees hurt.
Lyna A.
It's depend on which parts of the body that affected and how pain it is. If the pain is not that much,I prefer go on exercise but switch to other parts of the body. I let the injured parts or organ rest and heal,it take time.
Charlene B.
The important thing is to keep the habit going. Doing a single pushup is already enough to reinforce the habit so that you can continue once you are no longer in pain.
Tristan C.
It depends on how bad the injury or pain is. If I have a shoulder injury I focus on my lower body and give the injured area a break, same if the injury is in my lower body. Generally, if I have a headache or am sick I am not good for anything and I just let myself rest until it passes. I think pain is our body’s way of sending us a message and our job is to figure out what that means and what our body needs and respond accordingly. Hope this is helpful have a fantastic week
Ad Nias Q.
When you are injured, it is quite difficult to stay in routine for your workouts, depending on where the injury is. I recommend that you lower the intensity of your workouts by walking on a treadmill or just walking around the neighbourhood, or if you have an injury on your leg, a couple of arm stretches will do. Just remember that if you’re in pain, always lower your intensity because more stress on the muscles will allow the muscles to tear, so always continue slowly and mindfully.
Clara Y.
Listen to your body, and doctor. If injured, follow doctors' orders for activity restrictions. If just sore, then I find that modifying intensity of exercise or working a different muscle groups is helpful. Walking is a great go-to when other exercises seem too much. So are low impact/recovery type exercises like swimming, pilates, or yoga
Bill Z.
I am in pain most days from an injury years ago. I usually walk a little slower and sometimes the pain in my leg eases. I just have to work through it