What kind of 8-minute exercise do you do?

Emma Z.
I do the 7 minute full body workout everytime I wake up. If I don't do that, I can think some exercise like aerobic which I can walk with my own two feet in the morning
Nicoline W.
I have an app that creates different workouts for the ideal results I want to see. So I just do the daily 7 minute one in the morning and do a couple more in the afternoon.
Carol E.
I like to walk my dog after school between 30 to 60 minutes everyday. I do an hour when it’s really nice out and it’s nice to get out from being stuck inside all day to getting some fresh air. I also try to do a morning yoga or a quick workout but mostly just a yoga or long stretch first thing when I wake up. It helps start my day and get my body ready for the day.
Werner I.
In the 8min workpit it is a bit of a full bode work out…
Staring with abs, then gltues and legs and then chest and sholders
Xen Crates F.
I do some sit-ups, fire hydrant and donkey kick leg lifts, plank, stretch or yoga poses, lift some weights. Just mix it up with what i feel inspired to do.