What can I do to do my morning exercise every day? Any helpful tips?

Beatriz N.
Dance your way around. I’ve found this helps me not only to be quite fast, but to get in a good mood, smiling at my silliness, making up songs as I go and afterwards the energy you get and the light and happy mood you find yourself in makes it easier to become a habit as well.

Sarah G.
If you're going to the gym, have your clothes and and extra kit you need out ready for you to pick up on your way out, make sure you have any supplements ready as well, and remember how great going to the gym makes you feel

Никита Артамонов N.
I try to catch calmness of being one-on-one with myself. I reject all distractors like social media or work related mails. I tell myself I can escape all of my boring duties while I do my exercises. Because It's investments in myself and Im the most important person in my life.

Liya E.
Just prepare something to drink or eat for the next morning. Something special, delicious and, importantly, healthy. Make sure that it is something you will crave to have. Maybe it’s your favourite flavoured smoothie. Maybe it’s your favourite sandwich. Now here is the challenge. Allow yourself to have it only after and only if you exercise. I started with a small exercise to make make a routine out of it. A 7-minutes workout. It’s o no the app itself. Done overwhelm yourself wit her heavyweight exercise from the beginning. Start really small. And reward yourself with something. That will motivate you and later reminds you of the happiness from the reward following your exercise.