What do you do when you miss a couple days of exercise?

Arlene Y.
I waste time…. no cap…. i just get lazy but i should really try to get this habit going because im thriving fir a healthier 2021
Paulina X.
I like going for a run, not pushing myself too much. Just running casually a couple of rounds, the next day one more etc
Hedi X.
Be forgiving to myself for missing a few days. No one is checking except me. But it is also me that will benefit when I do exercises, so I'll try to motivate myself to do it again.

Do a quick simple stretch as a first step. If you're still in the mood, do some more while standing up. Do all of this while trying to motivate yourself to go back to exercises. A healthy body is a treasure on its own.

Chloe F.
Once you skip a few days, one more skip day doesn’t sound so bad, but then you take another, and another. It becomes so much easier to convince yourself not to do the workout that you don’t even think about it anymore. It is so much harder to start back, and so frustrating to see how much you regressed. It feels as if you did all that work for nothing and if you start again, you will probably stop again. Do not let yourself stop. You got this. Think of how much your future self will thank you.
Ian C.
Don't miss an exercise session. Do the 1 minute get moving exercise instead. It's more important to establish the habit then improve on it than have ambitious goals and miss out on the daily grind.
Elisa N.
I don’t blame myself and I put the same exercise the next day, trying to do it. Most of the time it’s not laziness, but too many things that I put in one day.
Fira N.
If you have time at afternoon,its okay to exercise at afternoon but dont forget to use sunscreen

And if i miss a couple days,i will do it at weekend since i'm not busy

Lauren Y.
What I recommend you do is that you excerise, but do not ever use to catch up with the days you.missed. if you over work yourself you will not.have any energy to carry on especially if you did it in the morning. A couple days of rest is ok! As long as you're healthy and strong then you're fine! 🙂
Beatrice X.
After being sad and down for a while, I ask myself why that happened. I try to understand what went wrong so I would remember what to avoid next time. Then I try to cheer myself up and promise to myself never to miss again.