Exercise at night or the morning, which one is better?

Oneida Q.
Morning is much better because you are full of energy and you are rested. Plus you will be burning calories all day and not have to worry about working out in the evening.
Charlotte W.
I prefer the morning as that way I can crack on with my daily tasks and know it over and done with and won't have to worry about getting it done!
Tom E.
I think in the morning is better because you can start your day off on the right foot and have some energy. You’ll know you’ve accomplished at least one thing.
Tracey U.
In the morning is the best because it's done and you can do other think after. You have much more energy! But, I exercise at night because I need to go to the gym and I have two children at home … Do what it's best for you !
Kyle W.
I always prefer morning. Its harder to fall asleep if I exercise too close to bedtime, because my body and mind are ramped up.
Roberto L.
A workout in the morning can help kick your metabolism into high gear first thing, but an evening workout helps me work off that last bit of residual energy at the end of the day. Try them both, feel them out, and see which makes you happier!
Aya F.
I find afternoon exercises the best,it gives me time to work in the morning and time to relax and get to bed at night,sleep routine is the corner stone in my day flow
Anna A.
Generally in the morning. If you do exercise at night try and leave an hour or two before bedtime as exercise tends to wake you up.
Carol O.
I prefer evening. I am not a morning person. In order to set myself up for success, I need to be aware of my biorhythms.
Amna H.
For me, night time always has been the better one, considering my job which requires lot of foot work and bending down. A lot of exercises leave muscle sore and even though i feel completely relaxed and energized but sore muscles disrupt my work.