How do you get up in the morning to go to the gym?

Sophia I.
Due to quarantine, we are not able to leave our houses, so is better to practice at home. But that's the tricky thing, since we can't leave, we have to find motivation and create a strong discipline to do what you want! So put your running shoes next to your bed and your training clothes at the edge of the bed. There won't be another way around. Also, if you are starting, start slow and small. Maybe some yoge will help you! So whatever you feel comfortable with. You got this.
Holly F.
I don't go in the morning unfortunately. I tend to go in the evenings as I am already out from work or college and it helps to forget, even for a moment, the stresses that I went through in the day
Karl Otto Z.
I make sure I have a plan written out for what I want to work on. HIIT then strength workouts usually. Write down the reps and don’t be embarrassed to use light weights
Evelyn S.
Well, first of all I don’t go to the gym. Second of all I would prefer having a alarm, and it mostly depends on how happy you are to go to the gym.
Reyna A.
I get woken up to my 3 month old baby girl and I instantly start my morning routine, which includes excercise! I don't have time to go to the real gym, but I excercise through out the day by taking multiple walks with my daughter and doing squats with her infront of the mirror. She absolutely loves it and I am getting my figure back at the same time!
Niamh N.
1) Change your mindset: You have to start associating the gym with fun. You don’t want the gym to be something you have to force yourself to do.
2) Wake up: If you find yourself tired when trying to exercise, here are some ways to wake up. Drink cold water, wash your face, take a cold shower.
3) Goal setting: You want to have good goals for when your exercising. You don’t just want to think weight loss, you want to think that you are creating healthy habits for yourself.
4)Just start: You have to constantly work to achieve your goals. If you procrastinate, you are less likely to do it.