I’m starting off very simple for my exercise routine because the more I have to think about it, the more creative my excuses get. How do you know when you are ready for more of a challenge in your exercise routine without breaking your habit already in place?

Judy G.
1. Trust Yourself and try to understand what motivates You and what is discouraging You, 2. Learn about Dopamine. 3. Enjoy the process and be kind to Yourself! 4. Enjoy and don't worry so much! Maybe there is something You wish to discover along the way as well!
Miss N.
Keep the current exercise routine but look at supplementing what you already have in place, by increasing your daily steps or doing a pilates/yoga fitness class once a week, or join a local walking group or meet up with a friend for a weekly walk and a follow up catch up chat and coffee.
Marsha J.
You should add more of a challenge when you feel your current routine is too easy. Take small steps, so don't go from a really easy routine to a really hard one. Work your way up to that goal.