How do stay consistent with excercise routine every morning when there are tons of things to finish and rush out of the house

Timmy Y.
Try to wake up a few minutes earlier for your morning routine. It’s always hard to stay consistent when you’re rushing things for work. Give yourself the peace of mind to care for yourself, instead of giving your time to other people.
Jas Q.
I struggle with this as well. But today I finally broke the curse! An Entrepreneur told me recently that everything we do should have time segments. & as my abuelita says, that work ain’t going anywhere. It’ll be there when you come back to it. Love yourself enough to give yourself time to exercise. And when the workout is over, go back to the house work you left behind. Time is truly a major part of the essence of life.
Ommery Q.
By also granting your future self the time to exist, and claim some of the time now. Setting up a barrier to the outside world and yourself that this time is needed to also bring joy and life tomorrow, next year, … What purpose do the actions you take today have if they cannot be experienced in a healthy life? You are allowed to take care of yourself.