Which exercise should I do to improve physical strength of my body?

Ricardo Z.
In my opinion the "starting" exercices could be :
They strenghen the hole body simultaneously and prepair it for next level of training.
Of cource a little bit of fast walking or hiking would fill the pack! 👌👌💪💪
Andy E.
I love doing simple stuff that involves just using your body weight and nothing else. Try doing some pushups and air squats first thing in the morning to get your blood pumping! Even though those are small, if they are done consistently over time your strength will greatly increase!
Aubin G.
Any exercise will help you if you didn't exercise for a long time however combination of cardio (bike, running) and lifting in the gym works for me. I also do yoga to improve flexibility.
Stephen C.
Continue to do hit workouts with your own body weight. It trains your muscles to be more toned and powerful while continually mixing it up. It means your muscles will continue to build.
Phoebe E.
A ballanced, but challenging one. Challenging in a long way and ballanced in order not to overtrain just some parts of your body 😉
Raymond E.
If you have access to equipment a rower. It’s a full body workout which builds strength and improves your cardio stamina. If rowing is not an option, circuit training, where strength training is interspersed with cardio is also great for building strength, body weight exercises (squats, planks, pushups, etc) would help as well. Good Luck! 💪🏽
Tessa E.
I should work out in the gym 4 times a week. And also I should walk to my work and from it. And of course I should do some other activity as much as possible. Moving is the live 😉
Lisa Q.
Planks target your whole body, work your way to plank up downs and then push ups. If you want to integrate some more cardio add in some burpees
Ashley E.
It depends a bit on your age and current state of fitness. If you are not used to exercising yoga, Pilates and some light weights will help to strengthen your muscles. If you are fitter, some heavier weights sessions and circuit training will help. Whatever you do, don’t up the weights too quickly and add in things you enjoy otherwise you will never make it a permanent change. Last thing, don’t forget to stretch
Nina J.
I would recommend high reps low weight with dumbbells. Your chance of injury with free weights is lower of you use less weight, and you build the necessary lean muscle to protect your joints during movement. A good base layer of lean muscle will allow you to build more bulk muscle, and also increase your endurance.
Jozef G.
I don't have much muscles and just started to exersice at a fysical therapist 2 month ago. I started easy at the gym with much bodyweight training. But my doctor also recommended yoga. It will build strength and flexibility. And I have tried, the combination of gym sometimes and yoga as many days I can have helped me.
Vianei T.
Not an expert here, but why not try the 10-minute do anywhere workout? It strengthens your core and that improves physical strength directly.
Mat O Q.
Im working on my core muscle and strength overall rather than a specific area. We all seem to have a surprisingly weak core strength
Kayla Y.
In general, building muscles can be a good idea. If you're looking for a specific exercise, "the plank" requires no equipment and is good for your core. Yoga/pilates and running/swimming is also a good idea.
Svenja J.
My 8 minutes daily training includes
30 crunches
20 leg raises
20 Russian twists
30 squats
20 launches per leg
20 donkey kick per leg
10 push ups
DONE!! 😀
Paul Q.
I think it’ll depend from your physical form now, I’ve started from easy ones – planks, sit-ups, push-ups and etc. and after you’ll improve your physical condition you can use weights and work with numbers and quantity of reps
Tereza C.
It depends on what you want. For me, I’m tall, skinny, healthy, and I eat a lot. I’ve got a strong core, strong glutes and legs. I’m getting stronger arms, which is easy since I didn’t have much muscle there to begin. I think my chest and arms are the smallest muscles I have that could be big, so I’ll work on those.
Storm P.
I should do yoga for strength and flexibility. As a singer it is very important to keep your core flexible. A tense core inhibits the voice.
Since I'm not over weight I should do some running exercises to improve my ability to sing longer phrases.
Eleonore T.
As a powerlifter, my obvious and immediate answer is an exercise where you lift heavy weights. There are loads of free programs online to help you get started! But the core thing about strength training is to put your body under progressively greater pressure. Powerlifting is deffinitely not the only way to achieve this. For example, poweryoga (and many other forms of yoga) increases your physical strength, too, by the same principle!
Mathias C.
Weight lifting together with some cardio. I use the app HASfit and it has helped me wonders, most of the exercises are free and the coaches have daily videos to follow your plan day by day. Give it a try
Edith E.
I use some fitness apps, 30 day challenge and a specific app for women's fitness. There are full body work outs there and specific programmes for individual body areas
Ole E.
Simple compound exercises like squats, push ups and pull-ups are great for improving physical strength and they don’t require expensive equipment
Tiffany P.
The one you know you will do consistently. To improve strength add resistance to any exercise. For example, if you find it easy to dance around the house, put ankle and wrist weights. If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, do crunches or pushups in your bed before your feet hit the ground.

Once you start, you’ll find ways to add to what you’re doing and further increase your strength.

Ad Le S.
I guess one of the most comprehensive and effective exercises out there to build physical strength are push ups. It seems silly but push ups, properly done, are great to increase strength. Other options might include weight- lifting series as well as planks and some other exercises that requiere carrying your own body weight.
Sofia E.
Try some resistance exercises using dumbbells to help strengthen muscle. If you don’t have any weights or access to a gym, you can use body weight workouts such as pushups, crunches and squats. Look for a body weight workout app or search online for more information.
Manuel U.
There is no single exercise that can improve your overall strength, for the best results you need to do a combination of moves that engage your largest muscle groups. However, there are single moves that engage a few muscle groups such as planks or squats with a shoulder press. I would start simple with one move and work towards longer more complex workouts.
Steve P.
How about pushups? They're simple, effective, take no time in the morning and allow you to easily track your progress! 💪
Linda Q.
Start with whatever YOU are most comfortable with. Some people can start out running, some of us walk, and some of us stretch and dance around in our underwear. I need to do things that are more dance oriented rather than just strength training, but it all counts.
Gerv Sio Z.
Push ups, sit ups, planks, abdominal crunches. I suggest to start with 7 minute workout everyday- there are many free apps for it, 7 minutes a day, great for a start!