How do you control yourself not to push yourself too much during exercise and get hurt?

Mellany Y.
Well, I did push myself in the first month because I wanted to know for myself. How far I can go and what was my limit of how far I can reach. And I love my results but I still have a long way to go with controlling my cheating habits. Because I still do give up but I did give myself some time to rest. And before I took too much time I remembered to get back into the swing of exercising. Because if I don’t it would be a waste and I am way too Ambitious and have too much of Perseverance to allow any of that to happen. Besides my oldest son and little princess watches me and gets inspired by what I can do. That’s what makes me FABULOUS
Andrea B.
Overworking is really common… When you know that you've reached your limit it's better to stop. You can get tired easily for the first few days and then you'll get used to it. If not, it's better to go for something easier.
Veronica P.
Rest for a while. You can rest as long as you gain enough power and energy again. You don't have to force yourself if you can't anymore.
Name F.
I have predetermined points to where I want to get, for example if I’m doing push-ups as a part of an exercise I know that I should do only 20-25 to make space for others, and also try not to think about pushing yourself like “ha 20? I could easily do 50 or more”, I try not to think about these just do automatically everything I have to do and finish, of course it not always works but it’s good enough for me, also you could try timing each exercise, set a time on timer in which you should fit each exercise and that will make it way easier, like do as much as you want but quit that particular exercise when time is up.
Phwe C.
Start slow then after getting your muscles used to the movement challenge yourself little by little. Set goals, maybe 1 big one and set more small ones in order to reach that final goal.
Alban J.
everytime I exercise I always try to feel and understand how I'm feeling mentally and physically, when I realize something is wrong, then I'll do a little break to recover.
Genesis E.
I do usually get hurt in work outs because I follow a person on yt and when I can't do what they do I end up hurting myself quiet a lot :/