What do you do for your 8-minute morning exercise?

Jeremiah W.
I aim for a wake up. So I start out with a series of stretches and light exercises, like high knees and jumping jacks, then I move on to 25-50 squats, sometimes 100, when I only plan to workout in the morning( that goes for the rest of the workouts as well) I do push-ups, then sit-ups, then crunches, then I end it out with a stretch and a nice bottle of water.

Tobias F.
I switch it up, sometimes I take a walk, sometimes I do some yoga. It all depends on the rest of my day. If I need to work, I cycle there so I have my morning workout

Tristan C.
I usually do a 30minute exercise alternating cardio hiit and muscle work. When I don't have time or don't feel like sweating a lot I practice yoga for 8-15minutes and still makes me feel so much better and ready for the day. I tried morning and evening work outs but I find exercising in the morning works out best for me. I prefer doing some stretches or meditate later on the day.