What keeps you motivated?

Adrien Y.
I'm not sure how I stay motivated, but I do know that there is this litter voice in my head which tells me "keep going, keep going, keep going" which is my source of motivation. I also have this urge to grow and I know that when I do these little things I will feel better about myself and have a great day!
Elsa Z.
I feel motivated when I can see changes in myself even if it is just a little and when I set my mind and heart in doing things.
El Na E.
I’m actually having a hard time staying motivated. But recently it’s been setting up smaller goals to do everyday which leads to bigger goals. It makes the goal feel easier and more doable. Also remembering that good feeling when you are taking care of yourself and wanting to feel that way again.
Hugh F.
I downloaded this application to learn English … and I had no expectations about a life change. Now I'm just delighted because I see changes in myself and it motivates me the most
Perry N.
I want to become old woman with a strong healthy. I want to be here with my family for as long as I can and get the most out of life in the way. That means stocking up on energy and positive mood. I want a healthy life to be a habit, so I can be the best version of me for as long as possible
Rochelle E.
I have started activities and given up so many times that noncommitment became a habit.It'sdifficult and everything feels messy.I want improvement so i'm really trying to keep committed and push through eventhough the process is fustrating and hurts.However i believe the fustration i feel is part of the process because that is a symptom of my bad habits breaking.
Arquim Nio S.
It started has just making sure I was not falling into depression again… it moved to setting goals and chasing them. Figuring it out what are the 3 areas in my life that are important to me and try to refresh the goals on those areas every time I accomplish something
Oliver P.
myself. i try to do whatever really makes me feel better and relaxed. due to my anxiety and constant nervousness i can’t get good sleep or actually enjoy good actions for my body. so now that i do yoga, stretch and exercise i feel like i’m on top of the world doing what i know it’s good for me.
Reginald J.
What mostly keeps me motivated right now is the thought of becoming the best version of myself. And I plan on achieving that by starting to exercise more, reading more books, meditation regularly, and slowly starting to eat healthier – and therefore what keeps my motivated is that each step, no matter how small, brings me closer to my goal. Each good habit I form that helps me get closer to my healthier lifestyle, is worth celebrating.
Frankie T.
It's hard to remember sometimes, but taking care of yourself means taking care of the people who care about you too. Making yourself stronger means you can lend others your strength later. I got anxious and depressed this past year, and I want to get better. I think any self improvement would help with that, don't you?