What are the must-do exercises for you?

Isabella P.
Anything where I can fully stretch my back and hips to prevent pain, so mainly pilates and yoga! But walking is also great as it's very gentle.
Mar W.
I must do core exercises every day. I also must walk at least half an hour to begin. This will ensure my back doesn't hurt and I get cardio in.
Lawrence A.
Core work, stretching mid back and low back, jumping jacks, sumo squats, floor plank or wall sit, hip cross over stretching, possibly yoga warrior stance or a Qigong movement.
Michelle F.
Some type of cardio and some type of core work. I currently am healing from a broken ankle so this is a little challenging at the moment but I found that there is a video on how to do just about anything including chair aerobics. I find that if I do cardio my mood is elevated along with my heart rate. Hope that helps. Keep up the great work.
Serine O.
Practice sport , have a complete breakfast and study hardly 😎 , there are many of must-do exercise but i can't explain it with the english language 😅 cuz i'm a beginner 😚
Brenda Q.
I enjoy doing a lot of weight lifting and body weight exercises but also want to improve my flexibilty with yoga and static stretching. Must do weights for me are deadlifts, lat pull downs, squats of any variation, and good mornings. I find lifting also lifts my mood and makes me feel stronger
Gumesindo O.
I have to do leg stretches and step exercises. I also need to spend some time on a stationary bike through the week. This is because I have a muscle imbalance cause knee problems. I'm only 27, so I have to work on this now to help me get around better.
Tristan C.
I don’t know, I think I need to do a little bit of everything. If I don’t go for a walk or run I feel cooped up. However, I also need to do yoga or strength to make me feel like I’m getting strong again
Benjamin F.
Pushups are definitely a go to for me because I don’t need any equipment. Doing squats for the same reason. I also try to get a bike ride in a few times a week. It’s proven to be incredibly meditative.
Angel P.
Walking is probably the most important and easiest exercise anyone can do. It keeps you physically and mentally healthy every time you go out walking. I love going for a walk with some nice slow pop songs to listen to. Just embracing the breeze and the scenery around me. I never get tired of it.
Louis Z.
For me, exercise uses revolve around chores that need to get done- feeding the horses, moving them to another pasture, doing work around the house and yard. I try not to take short cuts and get as many steps in as possible. These things have to be done, so I might as well get exercise out of it.
Kay S.
Squats and push ups. I need the strength at my work so it's really important to at least do those every day so that I don't lose muscle.
Gra A E.
I’m a total beginner I’ve never exercised before until now, so I can’t give an answer for that. All I do for exercise walking & running that set🤷🏻‍♀️
So maybe I can say that the must do exercise for now is walking.
Sophie T.
I really like stretching, especially after a day of doing Intense exercise. It's important to listen and help your body through this journey and not be so demanding on it, or prioritizing pain over your own wellness. So in short, a must do exercise is stretching, but with total body workouts/lower body workouts Inbetween!