I really don’t have much time in the morning to exercise because I go to school,how can I find more time in the morning ?

Daryl T.
You can do More thank ano think.
First. You can get up earlier, like thirty minutes.
Second you can prepared all your school things at night to save time in the morning for exercise.
Thirst you can, if this is possible for you, walk a little more to go school.
Or just choose a routine that doesn't required go out side.
Benjamin U.
I suggest if you have maximum 15 minutes then do some simple breathing or stretching exercises to get your body ready for the day
Birger Q.
You just absolutely need to force yourself up 30 minutes earlier. The extra 30 minutes is so easy to fill with your new habits and you will feel much better for it.
Laura E.
You need to do something you can do in your pjs and takes less than 10 minutes. I do yoga with Adriene (normally 15-20 mins, so a bit longer) or HITT for 5-10 mins. I literally roll out of bed and do it in my room. I would start with 5 mins HIIT or the one on the fabulous app which is 7 mins. Just keep it under 10 mins! The secret is to do it as soon as you get out of bed, preferably in your room so youdon't even have to move rooms!
Rosemary O.
If time is something you're short on, and you're committed to exercising in the morning you need to decide how to either lengthen the time you have available, or you need to maximize the time you have. So, to lengthen the time you can wake up earlier and have your everything you need, right there. Breakfast already made. Clothes for the day and workout. Can you reduce time by showering? Or taking a washcloth bath? Next, what exercise do you want to make part of your morning? Even a 10 minute yoga/jogging stretch is movement! And any movement is good. Good luck in school!
Diego Y.
Going to sleep early, so that you can wake up early and exercise. You could consider doing a some short exercises in the morning (10 to 15 mins in total). They still make you feel great but don’t take that much time. Then, twice a week or so, go to the gym or play sports after school for a longer workout session. Hope this helps!
Timothe Z.
Find a way to be efficient at the morning. With more efficiency, you can get the extra 10 minutes needed for an exercise
Magnus Z.
The morning exercise does not have to take a lot of time or be so strenuous that you have to take a shower afterwards. For example, 5 minutes or even less of "warm up" exercises or yoga are enough to make the blood flowing and wake up both body and mind. This requires waking up only 5 minutes earlier. I always do 5-10 minutes of light exercise in the morning and do my more "proper" and strenuos workouts in the afternoon or early evening, when I have time.
Isaiah Z.
I believe the best way to tackle this is to get up a little earlier. This is the only way to create more time for yourself in the morning. If you go to bed 30 or 45 minutes earlier and wake up 30 to 45 minutes earlier you will have a good amount of time to work out (there are plenty of simple work out at home exercises) and freshen up after. It might be difficult at first to get used to this new schedule but once you have made a habit out of it, it will feel like the most normal thing in the world. You can do it!!
M Lody Y.
Hey, you might just wanna stand up 10min earlier. You don’t have to do a long workout in the morning a short yoga practice or a HIIT don’t need much time but will leave you more awake still.
Emily P.
I know it'd be insensitive to ask you to get up earlier, being a student isn't easy. My solution is very simple exercises.

Maybe 10 push ups once you roll out of bed, or 20 jumping jacks? Maybe even just doing the Can-Can in the privacy of your own bedroom lol.

Hope this helps even a little bit!

Belis Rio A.
Easy answer is waking up earlier haha. But in all seriousness, waking up really early is really powerful. There is a guy, Robin Sharma, who wrote a book called the 5a.m club and it is really an amazing thing to wake up early and get your day going.
Simon Q.
I do a 7 minute warm up/stretching routine while the coffee is making. It may not be my only workout some days but that way it's done if the day gets crazy
Ambre Z.
This is something I can really struggle with too and if I get out of the way of the routine now it can be hard to get back into it. One thing that really works for me is to not focus too much on ‘exercising’ and instead just find a way to get a bit of movement into my morning, even if it’s a really short burst! So I have a playlist of upbeat songs ready to go, and when I get up in the morning the first thing I do is put it on and just dance/move around as much as possible for three songs. I’m sometimes still half asleep when I start, and if I’m *really* pushed for time I’ll settle for two songs, or even just one. The important thing is to try and make it high energy for at least for a little bit of time. You’d be amazed at how much of this small amount of movement each morning can help set you up for the day and get your heart rate up. What I tend to find is that after a few days to a week of this, my body gets used to movement in the morning and I can start to incorporate more ‘routine’ exercise into my morning if I want to.
Lori U.
Prepare everything you need for school the day before (school books, papers, bag, clothes…), take a quick cold shower to wake up faster. Go to the bus stop on foot, get off one bus stop early and finish walking to school…
Noelle R.
The time you have in the morning is the time you leave yourself the night before. Try waking up 30 minutes earlier to exercise and stretch properly and you’ll find yourself making up for it in the evenings.
Soline P.
If you can get to bed earlier and wake up earlier, you can fit the exercise in before school. Otherwise think of ways you can exercise throughout the day. If you can walk or ride to school, do that. Or during your breaks have a brisk walk around the school. If you're standing in line waiting for something, do calf raises etc. When you get home, do some vigorous housework etc. I always find exercise much easier if it's part of something else I'm doing, rather than something extra I have to find time for.