Do you have a favourite 10-minute morning workout?

Holly P.
First of all, I prefer to make the bed this help me visualize my room cleaner, after that I put away my clothes from my chair and desk to my closet and finally I put dirty clothes in laundry.
Olivia C.
No not a ten minute habit really just yet I'm struggling at moment I just really like the breathing exercises and the yoga stuff at the moment
Weirdo C.
I usually just do x-amount of sit ups, push-ups, and squats. There are plenty of YouTube channels and websites you can check out that have those 10 minute work outs. Fabulous also has them within their app
Marian Q.
Yes. I usually switch it around but Chloe ting. Boy she’s good. 10/10 would recommend her. Her or lily sabri. I love them both lol. Hope that helps!
Nataniel N.
I am currently reading an article on the wellness feed it’s called “peace is a daily practice…”
I really love reading this because while reading I feel like I’m getting on to my creative side.
Ria Q.
Çoğunlukla antreman spor yapmıyorum ama sabah kalkınca kahve içmeyi kitap okumayı seviyorum yorgunluğumu alıyor birde müzik dinlemeyi en sevdiğim üçlü bunlar olabilir:)