What’s the ideal time of the day to exercise? And how many times a week you work out?

Anselmo N.
Since it's December and it's extremely cold outside to work out, I picked a comfortable time to go hiking with my hubby and son before or after lunch. If not, I go do the elliptical training for 30 minutes.
Erika U.
I think exercising doesn't have a time, when you feel that you have enough energy, workout. I don't have this week enough time to workout because of my exams but usually i workout everyday in the morning or in the evening and i do some stretching
Eva N.
It depends on what kind of workout you want to do. In the morning, cardio is the best in my opinion, but later on the day you can do more strength exercises. I like working out in the morning, because that's how i boost my energy for the whole day. I do it every day. Good luck! ❤️
Penelop Z.
Early in the morning, the latest time to start exercising would be 8am.
I try to work out every day but for a start I think 2time or 3times is good.
Mechelle Y.
The ideal time to work out is the one that works for you. It simply depends on your schedule. Morning, Afternoon, Evening. Whatever feels right for and to you. I typically work out in the mornings or afternoons, and I do my yoga in the evenings. I workout 5-6x a week. But, don't feel pressured to work out that often, if you aren't ready. Starting with 2-3x a week is fine and as you become comfortable with your routine, add another day.
Isabella A.
The ideal time is whatever time you will do it and whenever you can make time. Just make time for some form of exercise/movement every day.
Laura G.
For me the best time is early in the morning that way I can get my body all the energy it needs
I workout 5 times a week I think that's enough because you need 2 days to relax , do some yoga and stretching to get back stronger
R My E.
The morning for sure because it gives you the energy you need to start your day. What helps me to exercise at least 3 times a week is making a good playlist in advance. It will motivate you to get moving! Good luck! You got this.