I love exercising in the morning but for me, it’s better to do it at the gym at my work not at home. But I also want to follow the habits on the phone app. Ideas?

Grace N.
If you’re worried by the delay between the rest of your routine and moving your body, perhaps something as simple as 10 jumping jacks before brushing your teeth might be the answer for you.
(I know I just love that feeling of going through the motions of my routine and then ticking all those boxes in one go, so satisfying!)
Some ideas I like to use on days when I am struggling to incorporate a workout include;
-5 to 10 BIG jump squats just as I finish making my bed to get my heart rate up and my body feeling ready for the day.
-Dancing around my bedroom to celebrate completing a small task (like taking my all of my medicines and putting them away / tidying my space / putting a few things away that is been avoiding…)
-Stretching out my body wherever I feel stiff after waking up. This can be great on days where I don’t feel like getting my heart rate up, but let’s me take the time to feel my body and listen to what it needs for a little while.
-Squat pulses whilst I drink my morning glass of water, or jumping around the house when I’m opening curtains 😂
-High knees sprinting until my morning coffee has brewed.

Basically, if there’s a moment of waiting that you would like to / could add some movement to, go for it. Whether you enjoy high intensity or just gentle stretching or anything in between, my view is that moving your body is moving your body, and you get to choose what you feel you need each moment. (How cool is that!?)

Ps; I am so impressed by your working out at the gym at work, and would 100% count that as a part of your fabulous morning routine!

I hope this could help. Sending love and encouragement! 🤗
I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day. 🌻

Jazmyn O.
Do a short workout in the morning maybe 10-15 mins as there’s almost always time for that but do your proper workout at the gym if that is the better option.

Satomi V.
It seems that you're switching yourself into exercising mode by changing place and if it's working, I think it's fine that way. If you still want to follow the app, why won't you take chores as exercise?

Atlas C.
Maybe do some simple stretching in the morning habit, then do the full workout at work! You could also use the morning bit to work on some harder skills like, pull ups or planks or handstands. You know, stuff that needs to be practiced more often, yet at the same time you couldn't do a full workout with it due to not having enough stamina.