What is a great way to strengthen my back even though I have DDD (Degenerative Disk Disease) and I am 72 years old ?

Villads W.
there are good workouts for seniors. i recommend the dvd “skeletal fitness” by mirabai holland. i bought mine online at amazon.com
Matteo J.
What I would do and suggest is that talk to your doctor and physio and check on what stretched or yoga is good for you.
Mildred P.
Unsure of how the condition will effect this but I walk a lot usually with a backpack containing anything from light objects one day to heavy the next
Erica E.
The best thing exercise-wise would be to do careful, back-preserving stretches (as opposed to cardio and core work). Keeping the spine straight is very important in preserving it, so movements like squats, wall stretches, and floor leg lifts would all be a great help.
Cassandre O.
Sorry to hear about your back! 🙁

I’m not a doctor by any means, but holding a good posture is one way—and there is a device on the market called Upright that is supposed to help. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness on a personal level. I would speak to a physical therapist who could give you small exercises to help and I would suggest checking out some vitamins for bones and joints.

Also, never underestimate the power of getting a good massage—hot stone, chair, etc.—for the pain. 🙂

Lynn Q.
I would avoid to fold my back. Try to use your arms, stand up your arms over your head, but you shouldn’t experience any pain. Keep your hands together, and stay in this position for just one minute (or less if you need). You should feel relaxation after the movement, not pain. You can try to elevate the arms and keep the hands elevated with the dorsal part of the hands together. This position is such more challenger!
Hunter J.
Start with chair yoga. Or, if you have access to a pool, water aerobics. Light weight-bearing exercises are best and listen to your body. Even just 5 mins of movement is great!
Wilma F.
I’m not really an expert in this area (I’m only 16) but I’ve heard it’s important to have strong muscles in the stomach to help strengthen your back. So maybe just do some simple belly muscle exercises and a few back exercises? Only what you are comfortable with of course. It is also important to not do to much or put to much pressure on your back.
Hope this helps at all 🙂 and have a good day.
Laura N.
Go to a Sports Medicine doctor, physiotherapist or a kinesiologist to learn safe stretches and exercise. And do some feep breathing exercises with them.
Frida N.
I suggest a few simple exercises to do every morning. Here is a link to a video that explains them: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uYnwg_prwi8
Kaitlin G.
Apparently Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) can help with bad backs. If not it may give you more energy as it aids turning carbs n stuff into glucose, cant remember the source, but look up Health benefits of thiamine and look on amazon reviews for high dosage thiamine tablets.
Ps good luck 💪🏻
Kind Regards
Camille E.
I’m unfamiliar with this particular condition, but I’d suggest something low impact like swimming—which is great cardio as well—or yoga. I’d suggest iyengar for you, because it will ensure that you have the support you need, but also will be quite challenging.
Oc Ane T.
I’m sorry your question was sent to me by the app. I’m younger than you and am not familiar with your condition. I have faith—because you reached out for information—that you will find the answer to this question. I admire your strength.
Nathana L E.
It’s good to see a doctor or physiotherapist about your back. They can give you light stretches and exercises to do, or even medication. But I am so sorry I cannot give you advice, I do not specialize in that area and I dont know what your body can handle. Best of luck!!
Lo S Q.
You can strengthen your back by strengthening the muscles that support your back. Pilates exercises that strengthen your core abdominal muscles are particularly good for this.
You need to avoid certain postures that are going to
place an extra strain on your back, and also practice good posture when lifting. There are some tasks you might want to avoid that almost guarantee back strain. Shoveling snow comes to mind, for example. Good luck with helping your back.
M Rio F.
Hi friend how are you? I hope you’re having a good time. As a DDD, I think starting with stretching exercises is a good choice by laying on your back and moving your legs and arms back and forth and right and left. Then stand on your knees and arms and also start moving your one leg and one arm contraversive way. Then move your body up and down.