How do you motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning?

Vera Willis
I usually don’t have a problem with getting up. I like my long mornings and I like to know that I will get things done today. To get the most out of my daytime, I wake up early. The earlier I wake up, the more time I have in the day to do stuff.
Doing gentle wake-up yoga right after I get out of the bed helps me too!

Deann Herrera
Usually I take over an hour to get out of bed. As of recently, I don’t find it so difficult. This app has help but what really motivates me if getting my niece ready to start her day.
Hilde Hepp
As soon as I open my eye I plug my ear phones in and meditate and it gives me energy and motivation to get up and get my day started in the most energizing, positive way
Lynn Alexander
I still struggle with it, to be honest. I wake up slowly, and it’s hard to remember any motivation to move. Setting a morning routine on here has helped a lot—once I’m up and drinking water and stretching and whatever else, it’s easier to stay up.
Inès Renaud
I know that I will feel better exercising than with that additional 30 minutes of sleep —- post alarm sleep is never as good. Post exercise feels so much better.
Kasper Hansen
I think the best motivator I have is getting excited about something. Maybe I planned a delicious breakfast, maybe I plan to go somewhere early. Either way, if I have something I'm really looking forward to in the morning, I'll make sure my sleep schedule is consistent to when I go to bed and when I wake up. Then I pep myself up the night before so I'm excited to get up the next day.
Laura Perez
By thinking of how bad I'd feel at the end of the day if I don't do at least half of what I set out to do the entire day.
Kate Bennett
Coffee and a walk within 10 minutes of waking up worked best for me. I knew that staying in bed didn’t make any difference in how I felt during the day, and usually just made me feel worse. Any decisions I made while tired or sleepy were bad ones. So getting out of bed and going for a walk with a warm drink and no obligations took away the decision making entirely.

Yes, I dressed and walked like a zombie for awhile. And yes, I kept thinking it was a waste to not be using that time for running or other exercise. But by the time I reached the end of the walk, I was more alert, felt accomplished, and usually had a chance to think about my motivation to do the next parts of the day.

In other words, procrastinate starting the day by getting out of bed.

Johan Jensen
I have a morning routine including drinking a bottle of water and am energizing two chi/yoga routine for 10 mins combining power of yoga belly laughter.
Lissi Blau
I actually struggled with this in the past. I used to say, I’m not a morning person. Now, having 3 super easy and basic habits I don’t need to use my willpower or motivation anymore. Once I drink water (first thing I do after opening my eyes) I feel more energized. I like the fabulous approach of “not breaking” the chain. I know creating healthy habits will make me a more productive and happy person. I have just started and feel the increase of energy. Life is a wonderful experience. Wake up everyday and let it surprise you!!
Elisa Adam
I'm a full-time student so I don't have any other choice but to wake up by 7 am at the latest. I wake myself up with some light stretching and a cup of tea.
Jeanne Dunn
I have a purpose that makes me who I am. I value knowledge and freedom above anything else. I want to move the world forward and be original. I want to give a 100% rather than anything else. I want to give it a shot and be audacious.
Martha Lee
When my alarm goes off in the morning, I tell myself that I have 2 choices at that moment in time. I could lay in bed and think about how life sucks and everything negative OR I could get out of bed and seize the day. I somehow always choose the second option.
Nóris Gomes
I have a "Comfy"- a wearable blanket, that I put next to my bed. I have to walk a few feet away from my bed to turn off my alarm. It feels cold, making me want to go back to bed, but instead, I put on the Comfy and slowly start my morning routine.
Juan Weaver
I ike to have everything prepared the night before such as my clothes, what i’m doing with my hair, my breakfast, personally it makes the morning much less stressful. i also like to think about in the morning that if i don’t wake up now, i won’t get to have time to make my breakfast etc. i also think about the fact that if i sleep in longer, i’m just gonna be more tired and why miss out on the chance to be productive. If the problem isn’t with your mind, it’s your body, you could try putting your alarm across the room so when it rings, you have to get up. Personally i’ve tried this and it actually works, you might be in a grumpy mood but your up and the day can chang
Lea Petersen
i motivate myself to get out of bed by saying that today will be a great day then i say my name and say i am not a lazy bed potato i can get up
Johanne Andersen
The night before I tell myself what ‘good’ I have in store for myself the next day.

I also do a couple of exercises in bed or the edge of my bed as this helps me to focus.

Jeff Burns
I think about something I’m looking forward to in the day or what I’m excited about and I remind myself oh this is happening today, there is always some type of new excitement and it motivates me
Sandy Matthies
If I am not motivated to get out of bed, it means I am occupied with the wrong things. Everyday is a new day to look forward to, either it is your favourite routine or hobby.
Margarita Borchers
Reward yourself if for example you get out of bed immediately for a certain amount of time you get to eat at your favourite restaurant
Dean Moore
I set an alarm but have it across the room. That way I have to walk across the room to turn it off. It’s obnoxious too, that way I’m not tempted to just ignore it.
Felix Johansen
When I first retired, I found it hard to get up the next day. I no longer had the reason to get up, get going, and do what I needed to do. I was a teacher for 26 years. So it was hard to get motivated because I didn't have anything to get motivated for. However oh, I know have a hobby that requires me to get up in the morning or else there's a mess in my house. I raise Afghan hounds. I have a litter of puppies that was born 10 months ago. I also show those puppies. They required that I wake up when they do, which is usually about 6:30 in the morning. They have to be let out, fed, played with, and then I walk each one of them individually for one mile in the morning. Not having to clean up a puppy mess is a great motivator.
Martha Holmes
Personally I set alarms, because I have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings myself. I also find that having a friend within walking distance of my house to come check in on me helps too, especially on school days.
Ellie Jenkins
I have a small part of my routine that is just for me. At one point in the morning I watch the news, drink my juice and play a little game on my phone. I find it's extremely important to my day. I like it so much that I get up extra early just to have it. I even set alarms on my watch so I know when I should be doing something else. 5:45 get out of the shower. 6:00 be in the kitchen making lunches. Then 6:40 I'm on the couch having my me time.
Zack Washington
i try to think of 3 things that are going to make me feel happy, even if i have a difficult day ahead of me and there’s nothing really to look forward to – then think of something smaller like e.g. listening to my fav songs while on the train to work, that way i know there will be positive aspects of the day that i can look forward to and the only way to collect these moments is to get up and ready for the day
Ruth Novaes
It sounds dumb, But I‘m getting out Bed if I Need to do something with limited Time, like School or work, and on the Weekends I try to
relax so im not going out of bed except im Hungry or stink.
Sammy Garcia
I think about every great thing in life and how grateful I am for everything I have. Most of the time, I have to get up for school, and I am grateful and lucky to be able to go to my school. Or I am forced to get out of bed 😂
Kyle Hernandez
I don’t need motivation, I just get up. But, I have no career outside my home to cause me to procrastinate on getting out of bed. I go to bed when I want & get up when I want- so blessed!
Edgar Lopes
One way is to ask myself "will staying in bed makes tjings any better than if i get up?" Or…find yourself a little reward for the morning, or after work, or…
Isabella Clarke
Ok so I’m gonna be completely honest with you. I have trouble getting up in the mornings as well and I’ve found that there isn’t really one easy solution. I kinda just needed to learn that if I chose to ignore my alarm in the morning there isn’t going to be anyone there to hold my hand and make sure I get to my classes. I found that if I go to bed after a certain hour I will not be able to get up in the morning. If you have trouble getting to sleep I would recommend trying melatonin. It’s been really beneficial to me and it’s naturally produced in your system so there are no side effects that I know of. I hope this answers your question.
Bertram Thomsen
To motivate myself to get put of the bed in the morning I think about the progress I want to make that day. I like to recall how good it makes me feel when I'm growing and porgressing and that helps me get out of bed to do the same today.
David Henderson
I just think of all the amazing accomplishments I can make today and that thought really excites me. Getting out of bed is my first accomplishment
Joann Jackson
A few months ago we adopted a kitten. That kitty cat has learned to pee in my bed when I stay in it longer than he desires. Cat peeing on & in your bed is a super motivator for getting out of bed. Do you need to borrow him? 🥳
Timothe Lambert
I have a baby, so no motivation needed. Sometimes you just want to sleep. But knowing you get to see a little smiling face is all you need to get moving
Roy Burns
Having to pee 😉 Usually, my son. I’ve spent a very long time not hardly being able to get out of bed at all. I’ve worked hard to fight past that and I still slip now and then. But my son’s needs come first and I try to be the best I can for him.
Valesca Silveira
I used to have a snooze button problem in my 20s. Then I moved the clock so far away I had to get out of bed. Then, I simply had a rule that once I was on my feet I couldn’t lay back down and my German Shepherd made sure I kept that rule. Then I’d put on my favorite workout video and start the day with fun.
Sophie Harper
I challenge myself to step out from my comfort zone and it feels great when I succeed! Also I had all my favorite things planned in the morning so that I have things to look forward to when my alarm rings.
Clara Martin
When I’m in bed, I am often worrying about the day before me. What really helps me, is to find kindness (I am enough already, no need to proove myself) or a thought like ‘if I stay too long in my bed, it will only be more difficult to achieve my goals of the day’. What also helps, is to pray.
Lucile Rodriguez
It isn’t always easy. Mostly, I try to center my mind when I first wake up. I try to think of how good I will feel after I work out. And to work out, I have to get up. I really hone in on thoughts about what my day will be like if I get up right when my alarm goes off. A positive mindset goes a long way.
Rosa-maria Grünberg
If you're anything like me, you probably have your phone, tablet and/or laptop by the bed. You probably check emails, facebook etc. the first thing you do in the morning, I know I did! You should start putting your phone or other device that keeps you in bed far away from the bed, so if you want to check your social media, you have to get up. If you feel like that's impossible, use an alarm app on your phone that forces you to get up. I use alarmy (on android). There is several different ways it does this; you can configure it to only turn off when you take a picture of the kitchen, or if you scan a QR code in the bathroom etc. I highly recommend that app, if you have an iphone, there's probably something similar for it. Don't forget to put on some music! If I put on some energetic music in the morning, I feel much happier and ready to take on the day! Best of luck to you!
Anne Weaver
Sometimes I don’t, but the day goes so much better when I get up, drink some water and get moving a little. Planning my wardrobe choices and my breakfast the night before makes it easier to succeed before I am good and awake. If I can do this, you can, too!
Enora Jean
I try to focus on what I can accomplish, how I will feel once I have accomplished those things, and then importance of those accomplishments. Life is a battle every day to remember what is true, beautiful and good. If you can find one thing for each at the end if every day you can be reminded of why it's important to get out of bed.
Ann Nelson
I know I have a specific reason to get up each day. So the night before I tell myself you need to do this tomorrow so you need to get up at this time. For example I need to get up at 7 on a Thursday so I can get my morning ritual done then catch the bus , walk from the bus station to the gym and then go to Yoga class
Chad Kennedy
I have children that have to be at school at a certain time, I have a puppy that needs to be put out first thing for the toilet. I may not always physically leave my bed especially if my husband is around to help with the tasks but I do not get to lie in as I have children. I am also a morning person so I enjoy getting things done
Jasmin Kloos
First off in bed I stretch like a kitty cat. Then I think of one success from the day before and pin point one realistic success I will have that waking day. Then I’m up. Pull the covers up over the bed for the final punctuation.
Gisele Das neves
I have a dream, I have an ambition, and I know how to realise it. The first step is to get out of bed and be a better person every day.
Timeo Colin
First I make sure that after my alarm goes off I don’t get right up. I purpose myself to not go back to sleep but instead to just lay there with my eyes open for 5-10 minutes. The reason I don’t get right up is because your adrenaline is likely to run high after you wake up and I don’t want my anxiety to be pumping too much. I want my morning to be as relaxed as it can. While I’m laying in bed, especially if I’m feeling gloomy or depressed I will turn on a podcast that I’ve been listening to over and over again that I’ve been meditating on because it’s helping me in a positive way. This starts my day off with the best mindset I can have and feel like I could use at the time.
Oscar Pena
I motivate myself to get out of bed in many ways. One way that I motivate myself is that I am usually looking forward to the day. I might not be looking forward to the walk to school, but I am excited for the day to unravel. I am always excited to go see my friends and work in english. The fun things that happen in the day overpower all the bad ones.
Amalie Sørensen
I dont , every morning it s a pain. Indeed i snooze several time that is the worst thing. I d love to be faster in the morning and not getting up just because i have to go to work. Sorry for not being of help
Tracy Garrett
I have a very loud and annoying alarm clock on the other side of the room. But it’s still hard to stay up, especially when my bed was warm and cozy. What I do is remind myself that getting back in bed to sleep longer never ends well. Getting up earlier to start the day sooner always feels better in the long run.
Mike Henry
How do I motivate myself to get up every morning? I think about goals and challenges I set for myself such as ; drink water in the morning, read,and so on. Therefore , my answer would have to be , set goals and challenges for yourself and maybe even a timer.
Aracema Ramos
Tell yourself it is going to be a wonderful day, and think of good things you can do today. I find placing any alarm you have in a place were you can't just turn it off then go back to bed, and you have to get up, helps
Wayne Chambers
I wanna see the beauty of nature every morning with the aun rise, moon was also there and challenging myself to get better from yesterday.
Célian Adam
I wake up and look at my 9 months old baby girl. She is awake and smiling. I realise I have to appreciate all the good things I have in my life.
My baby, my husband, my health and wealth. After feeling the happiness inside my soul, I stretch my body and start drinking water.
Debbie Walker
My exercise routine is quick, I do the 4 minutes workout, and then the rest is cycling to work. Since I need to get there on time, that works has a motivator to get out of bed and to push harder on my bike
Laura Rasmussen
When my alarmclock starts ringing in the morning I háve to get out of bed to turn it off. It is still a challenge for me to stay out of bed because it is tempting to snooze. I try to make plans for the morning and I set a lot of alarms to try to stay on schedule. My best advice: go to bed early. If you have something nice looking forward to like opening a tiny present or putting on your favourite radio/tv programme it’s also easier.
Quirino Silva
It is very simple. You have work to do in order to gain your bread and to keep yourself strong enough to face everyday life. Once you try and wake up early you will find that the days are longer, so you will have all the time you need
Juanita Cox
This was a really tough one for me.. I struggled with this for around 3 years before i (recently) got it down. I was going to bed at 3-4-5 am and waking up at 1-2-3 pm for my first three years of university. I tried everything and nothing worked. Talking to myself in the mirror, three alarms, etc. I hated my college courses. I think what helped me was a combination of things. First, i set an alarm (alarmy app) that can only be turned off when i get up and use my phone to scan my shaving cream barcode, located in my bathroom. I then splash my face with cold water, and go for a run (the run really adds to your energy for the day). But you can do this and easily go back to sleep/skip the run if your head still isnt in the right place. Ive been spending the past years discovering my purpose and putting myself out there and that has really been the main difference for me. I tried all sorts of different hobbies and finally found my passion and started getting better at it, so my advice to you is keep digging for something that excites you and makes you look forward to get up early (wayy said that done!). If you manage to get up out of bed at a time you find suitable, always reward yourself in some way. This reinforces the habit.
Fabien Caron
Well, consider the premise that each day holds something new and wonderful. If you sleep well ,then not only do you feel great but that premise for the day will motivate you to get out of bed in the morning.
Maurice Montgomery
Sounds silly, but I use the haptic settings on my Apple Watch to bring me from deep to to light sleep before my alarm goes off. It makes a world of a diff w my mood for the first 10 minutes.
Secondly, I remind myself this is my chance to have time completely to myself. I don’t have to tend to anyone or talk to anyone etc. It’s just for me to do whatever the heck I want to do.
Eggert Heins
I am not motivated to get out of bed, it's a supreme struggle. I have 3 alarms set on my phone to ensure I do get up, but it's tough.
Maëlyne Duval
I think of the day ahead. I think of my cat, and I want to be up early so I have time to play with her. I also think of what I dont have yet, and this motivates me to get up and go get them.
Matteo Michel
Hvis jeg ved at jeg står op til en ren lejlighed, og jeg skal op og spise morgenmad med min kæreste, rense mit ansigt og ved hvad jeg skal den dag får jeg langt mere lyst til at stå op den dag.
Anthony Alvarez
I spend money on the app subscription. Now I need to use it. To use it I need to pass this challenges.

I love setting and getting done aims.

I love that in my life of chaos appeared stable morning routine.

Bernard Anderson
I tell myself that I need to workout to get energy for my busy day. Recently I feel really weak I couldn’t walk on the stair as usual, so time for me to get back to healthy habit.
Clément Aubert
Currently it’s the fact that I need to prepare sandwiches for my husband before he goes to work. Not that I have to do it, but this simple action for the person I love is something which makes my early waking up important. Also the Fabulous’ morning rituals help me a lot to stay on track. If I have my morning organized, I’m not gonna miss this feeling of satisfaction of the fact that I improve my habits and health.
Felix Olsen
I really struggle with this still, the habits are working in a sense that my mornings have more structure now. But I do still find myself hitting the snooze button.
So I have re-ordered my habits and I'm going to try exercising before I do anything else. In the hope that it will get me out of bed, and kick start my morning!!

Good luck with your journey

Marilou Menard
I don’t. I just get out. That’s as simple as that. If you rely on motivation you wouldn’t be able to stick to your habits past 1 week.
Clodomiro Jesus
I'm a terrible morning person, I would rather have multiple alarms blaring in my ears then move before noon some days.
Despite this I've just managed to get up at 6 every day including weekend.
What helps me in having a morning playlist order you to get up and do your routine, with multiple alarms so you stay awake. With a song that makes you get up and dance/exercise after, before or as your get up song.
Just this morning I woke on time put my music on, then fell asleep but my alarms woke me up in time to hear my song.
What I find helps is having a 5 minute rest/meditation half an hour after my first get up (I have 3 just in case) then I can tell myself you can just do this then go back. If my brain knows it's the last time I can lie in bed that day and I'm drowsy then I'm staying in bed till it's time to leave.
So spreading it out lessens the blow for me by adding exercise songs and alarms when i need to get up.
It may seem like over kill, but only thing that has made me get up early on time every day, no matter my mood, for a whole week.
Sharon Shelton
i have a routine. i have 3 alarms that go off (6:10, 6:15, and 6:20) then i go on my phone for 10 minutes until 6:30. then i get out of bed
Sophia Gonzalez
The true desire to change. It’s all starts off in true morning. If you aren’t holding yourself accountable in the morning, how are you supposed to maintain it throughout the day?
Scarlett Carlson
I think of all the things I can get done in a day if I get up early, I feel useful and succesful, I excersice really early and that gives me energy and alertness for the rest of the day!
Ana Hunter
Reminding myself of the things I want to accomplish before I leave the house. Reminding myself of how far I've come and how the benefits of this app is beginning to transition into other areas of my life…not wanting to loose that momentum. I also sometimes envision the person I want to become… and that's exciting. But honestly somedays its like Lord get me out this bed 😂
Joanne Jenkins
I love my morning yoga – my body craves gentle stretching when I wake up. So if I’m really tired I just fall onto the mat and start to move and stretch a little. I have to say that drinking a glass of water has also helped a lot.
Nikolas Messner
Just do it. Waking up sucks. Motivation is a waste of time. Drive yourself out of bed with commitment to your life purpose and science (sunrise alarm clock, loud music alarm clock, and Fabulous wake me up).
Elias Johansen
I have a sunrise alarm clock that creates the same effect as the sun rising in the morning. It’s a nice way to wake-up naturally and without panic first thing.
Isaiah Thomas
If you had a good sleep like me and feel fully recharged you don’t need motivation-you jump out of bed full of energy to do your morning routines that would set you up for another great day of your life where you fully in-charge!