What are the factors that most contribute to you skipping your exercise habit?

Alexandra O.
The weather. In the past when it’s been cold or just rainy I’ve quit my habit of going to the gym because it was too cold to ride my bike there. I now have a running habit going which I have started in warmer weather. I think it’s good to start your habit in slightly warmer weather so you are less concerned with habit formation when you get to winter, and can focus on steps to keep going.
I think doing research before also helps you be prepared and keep your motivation. Now it’s rainy season where I live and having looked online, it seems many people do in fact run in the rain, so that makes me want to keep going too.
Kiara Z.
Time. I tend to stay in bed for as long as possible and then things happen and so time gets crunched. I have been working a lot of overtime and I have an hour commute to and from work. I’m tired.
Alison F.
Not booking in my exercise classes on the weekend and putting them in my diary. Not having all my exercise clothes clean and organised and easy to add to my work bag.
Danile Y.
Lack of motivation to do them, laziness and procrastination. These are my three excuses. But I am trying to end these excuses and turn them around to my success story.
Marius E.
If I’m tired/exhausted; if I’m not ready or it seems too much of an effort compared to where I am at; if something unexpected comes up, it’s hard to get back to it/make up what you missed. Those types of things.
Josephine P.
Work can be a factor. I work on call so I never know when I may get called out. Also the farm. Sometimes things come up that need to be dealt with right away.
Marietta T.
When I don't have enough sleep sometimes I skip exercising, because I feel tired and I don't have the power to exercise.
Claire W.
It’s hard to get started. If I can’t do something fully, I won’t do it at all. Even just a quick workout would be better than nothing though
Joe J.
I'm usually too tired. I think, "Wow. This bed is so warm." I combat this by not 'waking up' until I'm ready to start my routine. I stay in bed, with my eyes closed. If I get up to go to the bathroom, sit up, or pick up my phone, I know it's time to start my routine.
Monja Z.
I tend to distracted by my previous habit or i don't have much time for it.

Quite difficult to follow all the timelines

Romeu C.
Too rushed in the morning, too tired in the evening. I also have chronic back pain, and sometimes it is hard to predict whether the exercise will make the pain better or worse.
Oscar P.
Running out of time or schedule changes for that specific day. Also depends the way your body is feeling by the exercise
Pablo I.
I set the routine notifications mostly in the mornings. Sometimes I don’t get to get up so early and make myself time to open the app and do the routines. I think the core problem is that my life has always been spontaneous, and I’m not used to and not yet managed to make time for each important task.
Blanche Z.
If I don’t do it first thing in the morning it’s harder to find the right time in the afternoon or evening, especially because I don’t wanna be super hungry / don’t want to just have eaten
Alison E.
For me it's always difficult to do my exercise when my plans for the day are different to my normal structure. If I'm not at my normal work space/ at home it is difficult to find enough space to move where I am not disturbing anyone. And sometimes what I'm doing just is more important to me than making sure I follow all of my habits, like spending time with my friends…
Judith U.
My exercise habit on Fabulous is during my morning routine and I don't always wake up early enough to have time before work. Either I'm too tired to get up at 3am or I've slept through my alarm.
Kenneth I.
Poor planning that then does not give me enough time to exercise. If I am going to exercise, it needs to be in the morning. If I put it off until the afternoon, I run out of energy.
Almirodo C.
I usually skip it when I took to long doing the other habits and then is suddenly too late to start exercising so I go right to the shower.
If I shower first is very likely I won’t exercise later.
If I take too long resting after breakfast I won’t exercise, I should rest only 20 minutes while I read or learn something.
Denise S.
Lack of motivation and lethargy contribute a lot to me skipping working out. I just have to remind myself that I’ll feel better after having done it.
Holly Q.
Pure laziness. Like, I'll get lazy, keep saying I'll do it later and I end up not exercising. Then on the next day, the same thing happens and I'll probably never exercise again until I realise how unhealthy I've become
Felix W.
Either physical labor done on the weekends or I choose to do 4 days instead of 6. I don’t think it’s good to exercise everyday.
John Z.
The weather and my health. If I am not feeling too great, like I feel like I am going to puke, I will try to do it a bit later in the day.
Maria O.
I just get distracted and behind with everything I want to do, remember about exercising but just don’t find the time to fit it in
Jack C.
Tiredness and not having a plan. Now that I have a workout program, it's easier to keep on top of it as I know whats expected and when I get my days off.
Guy F.
The factors hat most contribute to skipping my exercise habit: feeling sick, feeling unmotivated, having a limited amount of time, feeling sad, tiredness
Leta J.
The most factors is the people around me they effect at me if they supportive or they just frustrating me so I avoid the second one as much as I can and spend a lot of time with the type one so that’s it
Amina I.
A combination of things like being lazy, exhausted from kids, tired, I bought treadmill so I can run of a morning whilst kids are still asleep in doing so I have eliminated one of my excuses/obstacles I use to use as I can't leave kids home alone whilst I went for morning run, I have improved in my exercising routine by buying a treadmill.