What are some healthy breakfast ideas?

Hannah T.
A healthy breakfast starts with some form of bread if that is part of your diet, followed by some relaxation and fruit. After that settles or your stomach starts growling again some eggs and bacon are definitely a delicious and healthy choice
Haythem T.
Fruits are friends! Easy and healthy. You can also cook some rice. Try replacing the coffee with fresh juice. Olive oil …
Chloe U.
Something that has a sufficient amount of protein, sugar, carbs, and grain to last you hour without the feeling of hunger or at least until lunch. I would reccomend a bagel, a protein bar, a protein smoothie, oatmeal with some fruit, or just boiled eggs will do the job. And try to stick with something that has high amounts of fiber.
Silje N.
A healthy breakfast is any breakfast you sit down for. I have 2-4 options that I switch between in my week. I keep the recipes simple so that I don't have to think too much on it in the morning. First off is banana with yoghurt, raisins and oats, if I'm feeling fancy I might add some flaxseed. Sometimes I'm not feeling yogurt, then I might go for some soft boiled eggs on toast, simple but it keeps me full untill snack time. If I'm feeling extra fancy I might make some vegetarian English breakfast with beans, vegetarian sausage, toast, and scrambled eggs. If I'm in a hurry I either make time for breakfast or I'll take a simple sandwich with me, just two pieces of bread with cream cheese.
Nicole J.
banana muffins, cinnamon apple muffins, cereal that’s low in sugar, some fruit, a salad, some ham toasties, tuna toasties
Domna M.
Yogurt with nuts is a nice one! Crackers with either jam or honey or a hard boiled egg with some bread. These are my usual ones! 🙂