How do you get yourself excited for something that is not necessarily pleasant?

X Nio O.
Thats a good question!
I'll usually determine or do somthing I like and enjoy of after it, that way i know i need to do the thing that isn't necessarlly pleasant before I do the more enjoyable thing.
Maria H.
Idk something like listening to a new album from my favourite artist or meeting someone who is important in my life makes me excited idk how and why but yeah
Maria I.
I just try to convince myself that what I’ll do is pleasant, I usually don’t do things that don’t please me, but if it’ll help me in some way (like exercising, it’s not very pleasant for me lol), then I try to!
If you don’t like what you’re trying to do it’ll be harder, so I just suggest to do things that you like in some way, or that you are wanting to do, but just don’t get excited.
You should just think of what that thing will help you achieve or what benefits it will take you.
It has helped me and I hope it helps you too! I hope I’ve been at least a bit helpful!❤️🤍✨
Mel S.
I don’t think I can. Most things I get excited about have a pleasant component at least. Finding this I think is key to finding the motivation to do it, be it cold showers or exercising or seeing your in-laws.
Kaiya N.
Create a reward for the end! If you have to clean the whole house for example, say that you get 30 minutes of break time or a reward after that, so that you’re instilling positive rewards for something that you initially didn’t want to do
Ulrike A.
I have been struggling with myself in the last couple of months on what can I do to complete my goals small or big, when I found this app that has been encouraging me to push myself for a better me. This morning I realized that it's only me the one that has the power over myself to get better and to complete my goal no one is going to do it for me only myself and I will and have the power to achieve every single goal I set every day of my life! Don't get discouraged even if it looks like we can't climb the mountain! Thank you all gor inspiring me! LV
Tain S.
I can see that long term benefit, that i get when i will practise my morning and evening routine every day. On some exercises like yoga, i can feel that approvement from day to day. I am more flexible and balanced. And on some things like morning cold shower… you cant feel approvemend after a short time but you know, that you will see it after a lang time, when you look back.