I get bored with daily gym and repeating same machines every day for cardio. Will 30 minute dance or kickboxing or Zumba/aerobic workouts work instead?

Johnni O.
I Think it depends on how much physical activity you want/need. I mostly just take a walk to work. If dancing makes you feel good about yourself then go for it.

Melissa F.
Work for wait…? Loose weight? Be in shape? It depends of what is your propose/target. Normally I try to do some sport I like… like beach volleyball. I also use that 7’ program here in fabulous app. Morning time, I also try to do some stretching and strengthening in the gym. Some machines, core workout and some proprioception…

Josini N.
Absolutely! It’s important to switch it up to confuse your muscles so they can develop more. Plus you will utilize different complimentary muscle groups that you would not otherwise by just sticking to the same old same old.

Gottlieb I.
I’n not familiar with it, but I think Yes. To be honest, I get bored with gym too! Now I join hot yoga school and walk around. However it’s not effective for cardio, it matches me.

Kuno Z.
They will definitely work instead! Dancing gives you a much bigger workout than you think and is a fun way to switch up the routine.

Samuel X.
I had the same problem, what I did was join a CrossFit class! A varying class with an instructor always helps with motivation 🙂

Joshua Z.
As long as you are moving everyday, the type of exercise doesn’t really matter. I personally could use a routine, so don’t mind doing the same thing everyday. It’s more the anxiety that prevents me than the monotony.

Frederick U.
Yes that is perfect!!! I would totally do Zumba though. Zumba is a lot more fun because you do everything and it combines fitness and dance and I absolutely love Zumba. Another really great exercise program is Piyo. You get flexibility of yoga with the sculpting benefits of Pilates and it has a little bit of cardio and it is low impact. I also do Piyo and I absolutely love Piyo as well. You don’t need any exercise equipment with Zumba and Piyo. With Piyo it is all body weight and you only need a yoga mat. With Zumba it is all body weight as well. You don’t need anything else but yourself.

Albert P.
Yes! People tend to forget working out should be fun and get caught up in the progress and results. When in reality if you are having fun working up a sweat while also tracking, the results come without you even noticing!

Capucine E.
Certainly any activity is better than none. Of course it depends upon your goals. Cardio can benefit everyone; however, it may be counterproductive for weight gain for body builders. But I'd you are working out to tone up, maintain your shape or form heart and general health, shake it up with Zumba, dance, or kickboxing, absolutely!!!

Storm C.
It depends on what you want. If you’re trying to stay active, sure. If you’re trying to look great it’s better to do hiit or some other sort of stuff. Cardio doesn’t work well for weight loss. But it does work well for overall fitness.

Everardo S.
Those are fabulous. You’ll have a lot of fun, they’ll motivate you and you’ll get a great workout. Keep up the great work!

Mia I.
I absolutely agree! Going to the gym and do some real workouts is soooo boring! I prefer moving around with putting my favorite music and just dance to it!

Daniela F.
I use a mixture of both. I have videos at home of dance cardio and classes, and also have a gym membership. The important thing is keeping your routine. When I do home workouts/gym classes I keep it as a similar time and length as my gym workouts. It keeps me motivated to keep moving every day, and I feel like those workouts do the same job as a machine!

Michelle O.
Definitely, it will work and probably it will be more enjoyable.

Also I would suggest you to try running in your neighbourhood. Running in you neighbourhood helps you save time because you don’t need to drive to the gym or dancing studio and of course you don’t need to pay. This is something that helped me stay active the last 4 years.

Marialda G.
Yes,definitely. It's even better than mindless cardio on the treadmill. Those classes will tone up your body as well as improve your cardio and coordination. And it's fun,plus you get to meet other people and feed off their energy to motivate yourself to keep going 🙂

Fernando J.
I don't go to the gym for the same reasons. The machines and equipment bore me. I dance 3 times a week, 1 class and then I practice at home twice. I walk 3 times a week and I do aerobics once a week. I feel great and have lost 16lbs in 6 weeks. The gym is not for everybody and there plenty other ways to stay fit and healthy and lose a few pounds if you want to.

Kordula X.
Absolutely. You need aerobic exercise for heart health and it's a great way to break down the lactic acid buildup from your gym strength machines. Any movement is good movement!

Berta X.
Absolutely keep your exercise routines inspiring for you. If you enjoy the workout you are more likely to want to do it – the movement is most important part of any exercise regime! I use a fitness tracker and it is amazing to see how many kj’s you burn in Zumba versus a treadmill session and I find one much more motivating than the other 🙂

N Dia Q.
As long as you get your heart rate up I don’t see it as a problem. If you don’t enjoy the gym machines then dance and enjoy yourself with exercise that gets your heart rate up!! ❤️❤️

Rhonda E.
Yes. In fact, switching up your routines is interesting to your body and may shove you into the next level of weight loss. Also, in the meantime, doing mental puzzles or memorizing poetry or song lyrics will alleviate some of that boredom,

Silje W.
Yes and no. In 30 minutes of dancing/kick boxing you will not learn much. I would suggest just 15-20 minutes cardio at the beginning (you can't be bored in 15 min, listen to music or audio book) and then workout, change cardio types, like one day running, another cycling, another climbing stairs. Cardio helps to open your breath so you can perform better with weights. Go to the gym 3 times a week, and between go to a full class of dancing. I was dancing 6 hours per week (a bit crazy) and lost 11 kilogrammes in 3 months, besides that it's an opportunity to meet a lot of people. Good luck!

Dena Q.
The answer is a resounding yes! Anything that really gets your heart rate up, makes you sweat a lil, and breathe a little harder is great for cardio!

Patrick U.
Definitely, I think boxing is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. Kickboxing might be better for a full body but I just love boxing. Try just going on a run or switch up your routine. Your muscles get used to doing the same routine again and again.

Selma S.
Personally, I enjoy walks, bike rides and the exercise videos here on Fabulous. I hardly ever go to the gym and I enjoy doing exercises outside even if it’s just a 5 minute walk. Dance exercises are also very effective. You don’t have to go to the gym in order to get enough exercise. Research shows that taking walks helps you live longer! And dancing really can give you energy for the day. It’s really what’s right for YOU, nobody else is you, so do whatever exercise that feels right for YOU.

Andrew X.
Yes, it most certainly will as long as you keep your heartbeat elevated and your VO2 at it’s max around 80 %. All this means is as long as the work you are doing is challenging enough to make talking difficult.
It’s is good to change up your cardio routine unless of course you are specifically training as a long distance runner or a sprinter. Learning new activities also is very beneficial for exercising your mind and keeping those synapses snapping! As well as creating new neuro pathways! Hope this little bit of info encourages you to try new activity. It has worked for me, I am a 60 year old female, 5’2” and weigh 109lbs. I still fit into my clothing from 40 years ago! Good thing because all that was old is new again… lol. Besides, I have too much money invested in my clothing to have to replace it…😉

Juc Lia Q.
Moving is life! If you do a “routine” and love it then stay with it. To keep boredom at bay just shake it up and for a real boost do something really outside you box. For example, be really silly with your dog, outside if you can. It’ll be good for both of you.

Tracy F.
I guess it all depends upon what motivates you. If you enjoy dancing or a taught class then go for it. Once you find the type of exercise that most engages you then it will be easier to repeat more regularly. As fabulous says exercise is a privilege not a chore so have fun and enjoy the journey 😁

Mona O.
Hi there,
I’d say kickboxing and aerobic workouts would be a good substitute for cardio. Kickboxing gives you a good variety of cardio but adds in some strength training too, which is good for toning up. Adding weights to aerobic workouts provides a good overall workout too. Alternatively, if you are at the gym, you can do a circuit with the machines. Basically do each one for about a min for as many reps as you can and then move on to the next machine. This keeps your heart rate up and if it’s all cardio machines just pick a few. The circuit works well with a combination of strength training machines and cardio too.

John A.
Yes. Any movement that elevates your heart rate will improve your fitness. But you could consider a more efficient workout like Starting Strength or Stronglifta for strength training which only needs 30 mins 3 x week and a high intensity interval workout 2 days a week which takes between 10-20 minutes.

Heinz Otto R.

Seriously, do you know what the BEST type of exercise is…?

… ready for the answer? ….

The best type of exercise is the exercise you will enjoy doing.

That’s it. Because if you enjoy it, you’ll do it. And any exercise is better than none.

So Zumba and box away! 🙂

Sinaida G.
As a former martial arts student, I can say that kickboxing is an excellent choice for a more serious kind of workout, while Zumba and other group workouts with music can make the experience more fun. I currently am on the opposite side, getting into a daily grind at the gym with a set of objectives to get done. I see people take and enjoy the group environment classes, but I prefer to work at my own pace. It all depends on what works for you.

Suzy Z.
Absolutely! I am the same way – I get bored very easily and won’t stick with it, but I love group fitness! I go to a 30 minute dance class and afterwards I feel like I’ve had a better workout than I ever did while using cardio machines. This is in part because being in group pushes me to work harder.