What all has worked well to improve sleep quality?

Maria Z.
I’m really sensitive to light (I can sleep through noise no problem) but have always struggled with sleep masks. My friend got me a silk one for my birthday and it’s a game changer. It’s helped so much.
Lucas W.
Turing off all overhead lights 30 minutes to an hour before going to sleep. Just turn on the light on your bed side table for example. This will help prepare your body for sleep time and get you into a natural sleep cycle.
Ross O.
A huge thing that helped me improve sleep quality is to only use your bed for what it is meant for, to sleep. That means no watching TV in bed and no checking social media in bed. This helps program your brain to better put sleep and bed together.
Andreas C.
Exercise well, eat well, cut down on caffeine and sugary drinks. Reduce time on your phone (especially 1 hour before bed).
Don’t forget to meditate regularly – first thing in morning and last thing at night at least.
Cherly T.
I have created a very simple night routine. Wash up, in pjs, pre plan for the next day. Switch off electronics 1hour before bed and write in my gratitude journal. I've also read up on my sleep is so important for your brain and body so it's an extra reason to want to sleep. If I struggle.. I read or write down what's on my mind.
Byron U.
I love podcasts! A fav for me are the Headspace sleepcasts – I think you can find them on YouTube. A quick Google for sleep podcast would probably help you find something that works for you.
Harry U.
Going to bed around the same time each night. Having water beside my bed when I'm thirsty has helped. Shutti g electronics down.
Jim T.
Sleeping mask to cover the eyes. I found a noticeable difference when falling asleep to omit any ambient light creeping into my room – corridor light outside my door, street lighting through the window cracks. Also in the speed of reducing the effect of light – especially screen light – on my senses.
Martin I.
Having a set routine before bed that includes avoiding screens and anything that stimulates my mind and replaces these with relaxing breathing exercises, chamomile tea as well as washing, cleaning my teeth and changing for bed.