How do you keep the exercise routine interesting?

Tessa T.
To keep it more interesting, you can switch it up a d do different things each morning. For example, Monday can can dance, Tuesday you can stretch and do yoga poses, Wednesday you can do push-ups and planks… And keep doing things from there!! Also, don't forget to listen to music. Elevation Worship is a great band to listen to start off your day!!
Susan Z.
When John Travolta was getting in shape for his comeback, he hated it, because it was so rigorous and boring. So, he decided to mix things up. He is the first celebrity that I know of using HIIT and way before it’s time. Cardio is key for heart health. Deep yoga or any weight bearing exercise is key for strength. You need both. I use yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has tons of videos that never get boring. She even has weight loss yoga. Walking is a wonderful way to get cardio in…much better on your body than running. Also, I meditate and do breath work. These two things are essential for better workouts and peace of mind.
Astrid W.
I always research which exercise is good for which body part, seperate them as i want to focus on that part and always add some little twist of my own to change it even if only a bit.
Umbriferously N.
Listening to music while execising and don't exercise when you're starving and drink plenty of water. Start small and if you are getting dizzy then stop. At first you might not like it but after you get used to it, it will be fun.
Ramon F.
To keep the exercise routine interesting I try to change up the kinds of workouts I do. Like right now, I'm doing a 30 day glute challenge with a pilates YouTuber. Also, getting a friend to do it too makes it interesting too because you two can discuss which workouts you found challenging or went by quickly.
Lastly, remember that working out isn't just what you do at one time. You can spread it out over the day. It can be doing 5 squats on each hour for a break or even just getting up to walk around and stretch for a bit. As long as you're moving, you're exercising.
Phyllis J.
By changing your routine up, dance, jog around your apartment/ house, chair exercise, hip hop abs. Variety is key so u don't get bored.
Tommy P.
I’m not the best at exercising. It’s a tough habit to maintain in my life.
But I have found something that works for me.
I workout 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bedtime.
And I walk as much as I can everyday. To the supermarket, to work, to run errands etc. I love walking.
To keep it interesting practice yoga sometimes and I change it every other day to something fun like dancing, jumps, and stretches. That’s it.
Louise O.
Put up your favorite music that gives you the energy to move and makes you want to hear the song until the end, as a nice accompaniment to the exercises
Dean T.
During this quarantine, I've managed to keep motivated to exercise by changing it up. Some days, if I'm struggling to get moving, I'll do a quick 8-minute workout on the app and go outside if it's not too hot. Other days, I go out for a 22 minute run around my neighborhood, and about 3 times a week I'll do high intensity workouts for 35-50 minutes (my CrossFit gym is doing live online classes and posting the classes on Facebook).
Michelle A.
Change it up using different sources of exercises, have a different style of music to change your perspective even of it every time, or watch a show u know u won’t get totally sucked into while working out.
Daria B.
I like to find exercises that I enjoy doing and that make me feel good afterwards. Finding something that you enjoy will help you stay motivated and help keep it interesting. Switching it up too, trying new things is also great.
Marc E.
I get bored easily so I change my routine frequently. Sometimes it's just calisthenics, resistance band excersizes, or yoga. I follow a lot of instagram pages for inspiration and just do whatever I feel like that day. It's very low pressure which helps with the consistency. I like this method because consistency yields better results than maxing out a workout.
Maxwell E.
I dance in my room for few mins. Sometimes my sister joins me not knowing why am I doing this. Also, in sunny days I ride bicycle with friends
Michelle X.
I mix it up. Everyday I try to get out and walk because I love it. I also do zumba one day, a little strength the next day, stretching the third and so forth. Also I have a plan. So I’m not guessing what to do. Sometimes in the mornings when I’m feeling kind of low I’ll do the Fabulous 7 minute or the Fabulous 4 minute Core workouts. By the time I’m done with that I’m in a better mood and now I can go for my walk.
Chad S.
I watch YouTube videos while I exercise to keep me distracted and I do workouts I have fun doing and I always try to push myself a little.
Lina P.
I try to have a lot of variety and do things that are fun. For example, I like dancing and cycling to music, so I do that for cardio. Yoga is peaceful and I enjoy that. I mix it up with pilates and barre when I want something different. I also do house projects and count that as exercise since it’s really tiring. And when we’re not going through the apocalypse, I try doing something completely new every now and then like martial arts or circuits.
Karl O.
I just don't feel forced to do it, don't get bored doing it, and don't feel tired doing it. For that, we need motivation to do it happily.
Ellen S.
Try different types of exercise. Don't limit yourself. Be flexible in the routine. Listen to your body most of all, you want to come out happy and proud you've completed your goal. Start small, crush your goals and keep adding something new and different each day. Try one of the suggested routines. Then another day just do whatever you feel like. Go on a bike ride, then a walk then do the 7 minute work out. Also use music to enhance your experience, it's proven that music is like a drug when it comes to endurance and it gives you something else to focus on besides just the pain.
Anna X.
Keep your exercise routine interesting by taking a different route, doing it backwards, switching them up including the time of day you do your exercise, once you’ve learned all the routes, bring a friend maybe.
Hans Dietrich U.
I love to workout everyday, it makes me fell so accomplished when I get my daily workout in. I usually follow a workout plan. This involves doing something different everyday. Sometimes there will be certain workouts I don’t like so I’ll make up my own or go for a run instead. I think working out is all about finding what you enjoy. Some people love CrossFit or running or biking. Find what you love and keep doing that. If you get bored, switch it up sometimes l.
Argemone O.
It really depends on each person's style and what motivates them. For me, I switch up my workouts every day. I run one day, do yoga the next, and bike a lot. I try to make movement and exercise part of each task I have to do (walking or biking to do errands or for my commute if I can, etc). I also try to be kind to myself and meet my body where it's at. If I am constantly beating myself up for not being in good enough shape, not strong eniugh, too lazy, etc., then I am more likely to give up. If I tell myself that I am doing great, and that even the smallest amount of exercise is an achievement, I am more likely to feel good about myself and my routine.
Traudel J.
i don’t do the routines that are on the app, i have my own routine that it’s about 40 minutes long, and to “keep it interesting” i just put music and mix up the different exercises so that i don’t get bored
Margita T.
I always do a tabata in the morning. You can look on YouTube for tabata music. It’s a kind of song that tells you when you have to start an exercise and when you te stop. Each exercise is about 30sec with a 10sec rest in between, that way you can do a lot of different exercises without getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again.
Joel X.
I like bodyweight exercises and there is a great variety of them to do. I have several apps with different types of workout. Though even one can be interesting enough for start. Trying new things also helps me keep it interesting and active. Not the best way for mastering skills but works to keep me active.