What if it rains when it’s time to work out?

Rose Z.
I've never worked out outdoors. Although I want to.. but Its too awkward for me. I also don't have any gym equipments at home, so i just do some stretching, yoga, and workouts that don't require equipments such as plank, crunches, sit-ups etc.
Abril P.
still do it! at home or have a walk in the rain must be enjoyable too! don’t let the weather affects to your habits when you can do them anyways!
Dale Z.
If I'm needing to go on a walk and it's raining, I'll either still go outside if it's not too bad, ( with an umbrella of course) but if it's storming heavily, I'll just run on my treadmill.
Fabian F.
Try an indoor workout! Run up and down stairs, do push ups sit ups etc. if it was with a friend outdoors, video call then while you do it at home!
Marion Z.
i put my cloak on to go to the gym or I work out at home – even if this is outdoor workout I do not really care because exercise will keep me warm
Gina X.
Or..what if it's too hot and humid! I then on You Tube and find a great 30 minute workout. I also get 3,10 minute workout to fit my time and needs.
Mahabubul N.
Workout at home maybe, finding a similar workout u can do at home which bring in the same results as the ones u do at the gym