What are some workouts I can do for my arms and back?

Jamie X.
Bicep curls and deadlifts. Deadlifts in particular have drastically changed my body after doing them for a year consistently. My body feels a lot stronger and I no longer get back pain. Other than bicep curls, you can work the triceps with push-ups or dips.

Norma Z.
I really love Madfit on youtube. She's very kind and her workouts are challenging but not so much that it's discouraging. She has plenty of arm & back vids! <3

Alva C.
That’s completely normal, you don’t actually have to “work out” in the morning. What you should do is to get your most moving in some way, maybe dance a little to your favorite song? Or go outside and get some sunlight? Or stretch? Whatever you feel like doing. Just decide and then celebrate your success.

Push-ups, leg raises

Jack C.
For biceps, pull-ups or arm curls. For triceps, push-ups and bent over arm extensions (preferably with something weighty in your hand)

For back, pull-ups are good, Bent over rows, pull downs. Good mornings for hamstrings and lower back.

Make sure to do core exercises to protect your back.