How do you push through the pain of exercise and not let it get to you/make you quit?

Colleen Z.
Usually music helps me a lot, i put on headphones and try to distract myself from the pain. Exercising while thinking of something that makes you angry might help too hahaha. Or if youre an ambitious person, just think about all the people who do the exercises youre doing right now effortlessly because of the hours they have devoted to their body, and feel your motivation to reach their level come through
Sheree N.
How I push through the pain of exercise and not let it get to me I do that by remembering and keeping this in the back of my mind this is to better me. This is to help me when it’s done you’re really gonna love the results that you get from this, so just keep going keep pushing keep trying you’re gonna be tired. You’re gonna sweat but when it’s all said and done it’s gonna be worth it.
Al Xia S.
honestly just by remembering why you started is so important for me, at least. i want to stop being tempted to procrastinate and lead a happier and more grateful life. how about you?